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Friday, April 11, 2014

A Pallete of Colors ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

home sick and sick at home,
losing Mom so all alone,
an emptiness never known,
mental chicken coop ive flown

opus loco all over again,
who is enemy and who is friend,
dare i give a hand to lend,
not like the birch do i bend

crying blood red tears
hurting in deep fear
a pain that truly seers
never quelled not enough beer

i ache from within inside out,
i scream so loud my dying shout,
this life sometimes seems a rout,
goddamed alcohol drugs and gout

goddamn me all the way to hell,
this is the story sometimes i may tell,
turn away never listen while my soul i sell,
for whom does the fukkin' toll bell???

backwards fading fast,
whitened face so death aghast,
not much more will i last,
fire in the lake im cast...

uttering words from mind to paper,
kick his ass that fukkin' reaper,
angry and hurt selfish sick creeper,
running away pain deeper and deeper.

spinning and madness in the midst of the still,
ive already been up this tired ass hill,
never helped to swallow more pills,
what we think helps too often kills

playing with this game called life,
art made through miserable strife,
cuts the soul deeper then a sharp edged knife,
a pallet and colors this life goodnight... 


where is the balance