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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Michael Ruppert, Losing a Friend and an Inspiration ~ MobiusTripz

I am at a loss of words after losing my friend Michael C. Ruppert over the weekend.

Michael was a great leader and I hope many will fill the void of leadership left by his absence in his passing.

This is proving to be a tough start to the beginning of the new year.

This documentary he made is eye opening, and is a must see for the open minded.

Michael, like myself, was a lover of music. There is great inner peace in music and I was happy to share with him a few poems and songs during our few short years of communication. This picture is just like I would imagine Michael, and I hope he is at this peace now today, God Bless his soul.

May you rest in peace my brother Michael.

So those are a few personal thoughts on a quick note to a great man and friend, and herein enclosed you will find some great links to some of his work and some pictures in order to celebrate his brilliant life.

Here is a link for "Collapse" you may watch for free.

...or if you have Amazon:

I am going to take a few photos and add more as I find them of this great man. He is the thing that legends are made of. He was inspiring in a way only Michael could be, and for those that new him, spoke to him, studied him, well, they will certainly understand.

Michael's first work that I watched was "Collapse", and it was an eye opening documentary about the paradigm of oil (petroleum) collapsing after we reach (which we have) "peak oil".

Collapse - Michael Ruppert - A must movie for the future

The eye opening facts divulged therein cannot help but to make one think deeper and look forward to solving the current economic and climate crisis we are indeed in the midst of.

Here is another controversial look into his mind, but with his brilliance, I always know I must keep an open mind about any situation until the facts are truly fully gathered and further examined, as he was a great researcher and investigator.

9/11 - Mike Ruppert - The Truth And Lies Of 911 -(Full length)

It was his work and others that made me think deeply and write a lot about this topic myself, but more importantly look deeper within myself for answers.

Here is even another example of his dedication, his site "From the Wilderness":

I was published at The United States Department of Energy in October of 2010, and a lot of what I wrote may not be to his personal exact liking, however he did somehow further inspire this from me.

He enjoyed folks that spoke the truth, our "scout" that he was, and he wanted others to lead through peace and education and sharing solutions that we could all contribute too so that we will have a better future, and not for us, but for the coming generations.

I studied police science and he was a former L.A.P.D. officer, and he had written and done documentaries which have inspired me to follow the same path which I will do in due time. He has written much and studied more and i just wanted to say a few words here and will add to this time permitting and as more information comes forth.

He also broadcast a brilliant radio show with many great people often appearing, such as Guy McPherson, Abby Martin of RT, etc., and here is a link to that show where you may listen to archived episodes.

He, apparently, committed suicide on Sunday shortly after his last radio show. His pain was deep, as it is in many of us, and it was his time to depart.

So herein, I will be posting pictures and links to his work so you, the reader, may study and share his vision and decide for yourself what path it is you may desire to take.

Rest in peace Brother Michael, you are sorely missed.  


Thinking deep thoughts in your memory dear friend and celebrating your very distinguished and dedicated life to truth and freedom, unity and peace, logic and justice...and so much more.
I think this picture says it best and it is from the photo albums is simply eloquent and looks like the finer days the lay ahead for us all.
You were always the lead scout, and in our hearts will always remain that way, to you friend, each our own with deep love ... a brilliant life not wasted.
Your life we celebrate today and onward, dear scout.


Apocalypse, Man: World`s End According To Michael C. Ruppert

Former LA Police Officer Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John

9/11 Omission Hearings - Michael Ruppert On Dick Cheney - 9/9/200