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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slipping Away ~ Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

The last sun sets never to rise again,
retinal images fade away into dusk,
last breath drawn under ashen skin,
into the after life we each shall be so thrust.

Spirit which now rises so easily and light,
beauty and youth now renewed sweet genesis,
never a sweeter angel then my Mother has flown,
when today I gave her my last goodbye kiss.

Shakespeare born and passed this day too,
an artists farewell always right on cue,
with every element so offered in life perfectly illustrated,
like so many slings and arrows... always true.

I bid you adieu my sweet beloved Mother dear,
and through so many you still always shall live,
your art you shared and lives so touched, your family,
perfection multi-faceted many masterpieces... your gift.

...and this day and forward I celebrate your life in strength,
until my sun sets too...
and on my day as with others in time,
I'll be back by your side with you.