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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vagabond Knight ~ Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

My heart is eclipsed in renewing love, no shadow of spirit shall ever again be cast, the Light it shines brighter then ever my beacon, Faith is eternal and forever forward will always last.

A sweet kiss goodbye on your forehead I sealed with my lips, and a promise I make unto thee, to further spread goodwill to men, while smashing misery.

I am from two families melded, with Knights as far back as time has always dripped, and from the sweetest chalice, my soul so blessed has always sipped.

Somewhere before I knew myself, I knew a million years before, I have a calling of great depth and honor, it is the nucleus of my core.

I have walked every road up and back again, and appeared a wretch at times, and watched every single action around me, even when under the weather of the wine.

Duty is reporting back what it is I have found, and sharing with the brilliant minds what matters, when most others carelessly run away, and in fear panic and scatter.

Honor cannot claim but other I know close certainly have, but soon I know I will see it and have it once again in my grasp.

Country is what I love, and it is another reason I live, to protect freedom and promote promise, for so many others to share the promise of this gift.

I judge not, lest be judged, for you do not know quite who I am, but I will say for certain, four horsemen are a riding, as I watch over this land.

Who Am I ?

Just another Vagabond Knight...