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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Alone ~ Lyric Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Alone, and cold to the bone, and cold as a stone, a king with no throne.

Alone, and into the future I look, seeking wisdom within books, and lines that will keep my mind hooked.

Alone, pondering what has been and what will be, in the future in my mind I can see, my calling destiny.

Alone, looking forward and never passed, my dreams always outlast, the darkness upon me cast.

Alone, still as cold as a stone, still chilled to the bone, looking forward to not being alone.

Alone, I sit still and thought, deep pondering that can't be bought, Bright Futures always sought.

Alone, it's only temporary at best, at worst with words its off my chest, these thoughts I now confess.

Alone, peace shall prevail, and in my body I stay still, and together my loved ones we will prevail.

and after this was posted, here is a reply by my friend Gilbert Valpraio...

I always have my dreams, my ambitions, my hopes, my memories and my prayers for others to keep me company.

For some, these are strange bed fellows but for me, they provide much warmth and comfort. They remind me of my humble position in this universe as well as my unlimited potential to move the universe.

I never go quietly in into the night for the night belongs to me.
It is when I control my reality and get to enjoy the company within.

God I love the night.

(For you Steve Swygert)

There is no substitute fro afine friend with a brilliant mind...thanks Gil !!!