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Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Night's Dream ~ A True add to my book, "Mars and Beyond "

This was a real life dream and I will incorporate it into my book...

I was at my folk's home in Alexandria, Virginia.

My body hurt from the work on my 1989 F150, and my broken back ached, neck hurt, please let me avoid the certain fusion so suggested, and my hands ached and were swollen...sleep was not at all coming easy on this night, and so I dreamt...deep dreams of exciting happenstance...could it be real ?

Was I just another military experiment as a civilian, an extension of my own Father's brilliant career...just like Gilbert...two West Point brats ???

I was a civilian soldier in this dream, and after some kind of mission, of which I could not remember, I was being given a physical, so I thought.

It is all still a bit of a blur, but as it comes back to me, it is as clear as a bell and my vision of these events is if real.

How could "they" know me better then I knew myself, or did they ?

First, as I stood in line, a sexy nurse said Mr. Swygert...Mr. Swygert...and as I finally paid attention to tis beautiful distraction, I got a needle that injected me in my lip...real deep like novacaine at the dentist, but this was on the outside and it offered no pain relief.

Instead of taking me farther away, in my mind I knew clarity, but my body wandered further towards oblivion...however, I am of strong will and sharp wit and asked what this was and why they wanted to control me...

I was then taken from this line and brought into another room...several sexy nurses were there, as these beautiful women were thought to be my distraction...

I was shot up in each arm several times...and the further my body betray me, the more my mind had clarity.

I at first purposely flirted with them each, pretending to be distracted and thanking them for their help which I needed..they were cordial but cold.

I asked them would I get a CD of my medical records and treatment from this day, as I was tired but knew I was feeling better...but under this guise I was hoping to find out what it was that was happening to me...why were they treating me like this ?

The more my body betrayed me the more clarity I had in my mind and vision. At the same time the more defiant the nurses, and then doctors became.

I could feel that I had knowledge that they did not understand, and the more drugs they injected the sharper I became above and beyond their with...I told them they were helping me, give me more...I can handle it and I am feeling better then ever...

I was more lucid and stronger then ever in every aspect.

I distinctly knew I was a Manchurian Candidate and that I must remember this when I awoke next...and so I am writing this now...perhaps this will be useful when I am off to Mars with Gilbert...

I recall this now, finally, half a day later as I record the addresses to send thank you cards to after my Mother's a robot recording data for a future action...brainless and programmed.

What will happen next ?...

The genetic changes were happening at a quicker pace then ever, ad I was my own experiment...but an exciting experiment...I could see all of the universe and knowledge was mine and abundant...but why did I not control my own destiny?...or did I now finally ?