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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Types of Plant Seeds

Of all plant seeds, which do you like most personally, based on botanical design and the mission of its essence which is to spread the seeds far away from home so the plant may further flourish?

I am thinking about this today as I pick a "hitchhiker" off of my dog Layla's tail. What a design to stick to things with lots of surface area much better then velcro itself, and perhaps even the very inspiration for it, as nature is often the inspiration for all that is designed by man.

So what type of plant seeds are there?

Does any of this pique your own personal curiosity enough to go on an adventure in the mind as you read this?

What seeds can you plant this Fall to further help the struggling ecosystem?

What conditions do you consider when making these choices?

Weather, region, pricing, space, etc.

Do you want a plant that has a lot of "seed" debris from its foliage?

What purpose will it serve in the space it inhabits?...and is that space indeed suitable for planting?

Is Fall actually the most ideal time to plant ?

Learning adventures are great fun and the synapses firing question after question as they learn is never dull either.

Enjoy this Fall, and make today the day you decide what to plant, be it alone or as a family day of sharing and learning. Watching my hybrid Lilacs I planted several years ago is quite amazing. To see them ever reaching further to the sky, blooming three times a year, shoots turning to branches, and so on.

Take the adventure of life for the environment and the mind and plant something today. Psychologically speaking gardening is the most oft prescribed therapeutic experience for anyone personally suffering or not.

As I age, I think perhaps it is Fall I may appreciate even the best. Enjoy this Fall friends.