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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Insanity to the Nth ~ Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

my ancient biology, my dna, checking in and out again,
synaptic processes i cannot still comprehend,
time at an utter stall I cannot comprehend,
usually malleable emotions i cannot again bend.

breaking, breaking, breaking,
signals trickle through,
your face once familiar fading,
i use to know each of you.

my mind forgetful often floats upon air pretend,
reality drifts in and out as I squirm in my skin,
enemy are you now or still my friend,
paranoia as I have nothing left to lend.

nothing left to lend,
is it truly our end,
or escape from the past,
memory wiped all pretend


before i watch over...pre tend

language just letters now sent

cant fucking pay my rent

cant fucking pay my rent

then the sun comes up again
and your image burns in my mind intense
on my mind, my retina, my lens
you an angel to cleanse these sins

these sins, these sins, these sins

clean once again
once again
i rise from the end
once again...friend

an ear to lend
or a sound to send
listen and project
life living in sin