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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Existential Realism ~ Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

the chords reverberate in my body from this guitar,
i live my life like all, a shooting star,
matters not ever the cash or the cars,
the finest women and the killer bars.

fill the pause...


all is lost...


my time is mine and well spent,
my ears radars listening twisting and bent,
my life so lived quite decadent,
meandering vagabond camping tents...

yeah, commercials
twist the mind
try to tell us what is divine,
and what is not heaven sent...

make the choices never look back,
live like tomorrow is a heart attack,
forget the whirlpool of the black,
paint your future not your past.

photons from a commercial,
all temporary superficial,
matters not the slums or suburban residential,
oxygen in life so essential

oxygen is so in life essential,
O=life get past the fucking commercials,
fucking politics divide so superficial,
fantasy or string theory so existential?

existential or essential