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Monday, November 10, 2014

Into the Blackness ~ Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

Visiting the blackness once again,
So often it is now my friend,
at least in silence an ear to lend,
my soul offered nothing left to lend.

The dark and beckoning misery,
no surprise for my eyes to see,
indelible impression never leaves,
neurotic thoughts the mind does weave.

Things twist in here,
there is never enough beer,
the curse words my mind hears,
no holding back these tears,

I run but cannot hide,
the cost of such lies,
mind and eyes opened wide,
the pain cannot hide.

Things twist in here,
neurotic synaptic stimuli unleashed,
a sword double edged two tongues,
should never be unsheathed.

Things twist in here,
I know you know what I mean,
How can living in blackness,
replace fulfilling your dreams?

Act not on what you do not know,
patience on your way to the show,
not feeling it, but go with the flow,
Exceedingly fast incoming mind makes slow.

Things twist in here,
Get rearranged with fear,
felt emotions in tear,
time to grab your fucking gear.

Grab your fucking gear,
Grab your fucking gear,
there is no time for fear,
the future closer now near.

Grab your gear,
grab your fucking gear,
knowledge fallen on ears,
time pulse intuition no fear.

Grab your gear,
the future closer near,
live through this moment,
faith does now steer.

Grab your gear,
Grab your fucking gear,
run for your life,
training rings in your ears.

Grab your fucking gear,
grab your fucking gear,
nuclear arsenal tipped warheads,
forever time sheared.

Grab your gear,
grab it fucking lock and load,
blackness now,
tidal riptide undertow.

Grab your gear,
while your best bud bleeds out,
nothing can help him,
your eyes see your own doubt.

As you grab your gear,
get the fuck out and run,
Did you ever think you'd see,

"I love you man ! "...,

words never spoken again under sun?

Grab your gear,
just another soldier so spent,
your price merely an agenda,
of some President...

Grab your gear,
get the fuck out and run,
every cowboy always looking,
for that setting sun.

Grab your gear,
nothing else left in sight,
servitude till death,
in your honor I died.

I am a Veteran staring right back at you,
your conscience I can see right through,
ideals I fought you never even knew.
When so called we Eagles flew.

When so called we Eagles flew,
not for us but for each of you,
take it personal through and through,
your future bright we gave all we knew.

We gave all we knew,
we gave all we knew,
we gave it all for each of you,
the future yours what will you do?