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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kim Kardashian ~ Instant Viral Art ~ Kimmifer Rabbit


What is art? What is culture? What is the message so conveyed and to what audience?

Is she both gorgeous and "cartoonish" at the same time?

I often witness, actually hear people speak with what appears as a normal voice that sounds like a cartoon character, and I am hearing this all the more often. Pay attention, I am sure you will hear it too, and is this a direct effect on society because of technology? Could it possibly be?

Now if she is 100% natural in this picture she is perfect, and if she is altered for her sake she is perceived as perfect, and as far as the art she made in this pose (along with a talented team of artists and marketers) I think it is 100% perfect in concept and design.

Eminem in concert last night on Veteran's Day sending out the F bombs galore, and folks are actually surprised? He is Eminem !!!

This is Kim, and like it or not she is in the media and controversial statements and art can do that for you, certainly much better then negative actions lived out in life hurting others.

So hurting others? Is this now Mother a bad example in this art form for young fans, nearly worshipers, or are they who let the young observe this material at fault, or is technology already beyond a point of morals, and will those morals return ever again where none exist?

Just thoughts that goes through an artists mind, and that is the very essence of provoke deep passionate thought with feeling. To bring what was once abstract forward, not just in spirit but in physical reality, thus a painting, a song, a picture, a sculpture, ad infinitum.

So who are we as individuals to dictate what is art? What is culture? What is class?

I do not understand Kim Kardashian but I do understand she seems to be making a living and a splash often in the media too. I really have no idea why, however I do not delve into that media often yet she is always all around.

I do not know exactly what that means...except...well, that is art !

What are your artistic thoughts and what will you now go create from within your own mind to bring forth?

Somehow her art,the picture, the pose, the commemoration to another artist in the process, and on and on along with her shape, well made me think of Jessica Rabbit, a cartoon that is there is art once again...twisting reality, like, you know, cartoons cannot be sexy can they?

So who came forth today is Kimmifer Rabbit, neaither a statement for good or for bad, as that is up to you to decide, but inspiration for me to pass some time while sick at home in bed, studying art.