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Friday, November 21, 2014

Suggestions to Rocky Gap Casino and Resort ~ Cumberland, Maryland

I have a few suggestions I would like to make.

The first and most important is a safety issue in the parking lot traffic flow. Upon entering the main road off of the highway and then passing the employee parking lot and golf course, you make a right into the main entrance of the casino. The new parking lot is a great addition, however, as you make that immediate left turn after the travel described in the previous sentence and are now entering the new parking lot, there are three lanes of travel in/out of the parking lot that very dangerously converge at one juncture and need at the very least a large yield sign if not stop signs for those exiting the lot. I t may not be a bad idea to make this an entry one way entrance only. Even with my awareness to this fact, I have nearly been hit on several occasions, as well as I have witnessed others almost hit here to upon my entry or exit as I was close enough behind to observe this happening. I think an ounce of prevention here is well worth a pound of cure and will accommodate even safer travel and a better stay for your patrons.

Concerning the coffee bar I have several recommendations. Lids would be nice for all the cups and prevent spillage in your beautiful slots and card room, as well as prevent burns from the very hot, but delicious, coffee. Also, you have removed the real half and half in favor of International Delights creamer, which is a non dairy product that a lot of folks are very sensitive too, especially concerning the kidneys. Look this up for yourself and you will see that this is a concoction of nothing more then fats and milk extracts (even though it is a non-dairy product, caseinate, an ingredient in all of these creamers, comes from milk or other dairy products), and although convenient, the taste is lacking compared to real half and half and chalky to many folks, and again is a real health concern, especially with the elderly who are a large part, percentage wise, of your patrons. It makes my kidneys hurt badly and I am only 46 and ceased using this “garbage” over 20 years ago ! Lastly concerning the coffee bar, a small island just in front of this area about 8-10 feet away made of a matching counter top surface would make an excellent drink prep area for the tea, coffee creamer, sugar, etc. , napkins, and lids, and would make this area much safer and less congested.

Here are some link to share and consider about the coffee creamers. Please do read them and take them to heart, literally, as the health benefits / deficits are profound. Also understand that labeling guidelines allow improper reporting of these amounts of poor ingredients often because they are in miniscule amounts per serving as packaged, but we all know nearly everyone uses several of these containers which when properly accounted for in nutrition add up to many more calories, trans, fats, and other ingredients like emulsifiers and preservatives that are very detrimental to our health.

This is perhaps an even more informative link.

I enjoy Rocky Gap very much, as I live in Cumberland and help promote it often to local friends, burt even more so to my friends from Northern Virginia, where I grew up.

I appreciate that you seem to listen to your patrons suggestions and often reward excellent ideas from others, however my main concerns are health and safety, and nothing shows patrons you care more then only offering the finest options upon their respective visits, as you do with the finest golf course, excellent buffets and food choices, as well as fantastic accomodations.

Thank you for your time and consideration with my personal observations and suggestions, and welcome to our area where we are all working together, striving, to make this a great place for families to travel, live, play, and enjoy a lot of live entertainment.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the Kix concert, and I am myself a musician. Artists, and scientist too. This area is rich with great musical acts, like Kix, of course, or Grand Ole Ditch, or Hatestick, Lady Invidia ( a huge local following) and so many others, like The Cramer Brothers (Dean is a friend, a former member of Kix, and Funny Money (Steve Whiteman's band, the Kix singer)), and a plethora of others.

I want to organize a festival and was curious if you have access to using the large stage near the camping lots. As a musician, and a local vocal and active citizen in this area and artist too, I know a lot of these folks and would enjoy helping to organize and lead a group from your fine resort to help make this happen.

I work for a local attorney, I record and write my own music, I have been honorably published by The United States Department of Energy, I have volunteered at Del Fest and even Sunflower Fest which was at Rocky Gap, and I am closely tied to many excellent organizations and people that are “go getters”.

I know the vendors and political leaders in this area which are easy for me to communicate with at any time as well. I also know many folks very high up in the musical industry that may be beneficial to a large concert as well.

I would love to be a part of organizing this dream that I have, and for me it would be all about sharing the art that I love at the finest venue in Western Maryland, and even perhaps the entire east coast. Unfortunately, this area has been largely under utilized, however it has a rich history and a revival of sorts, and perhaps even regular events, would do nothing but further promote your resort and casino.

I may be reached at 301-722-xxxx h or 240-979-xxxx cell, both having voice mail, or an email (sometimes the best way to reach me) at

Again, I appreciate your considerations on a plethora of topics I have presented and I appreciate you furnishing a wonderful resort casino that has taken a burden from our state and turned it into a business that draws many from out of town,offers jobs to our local citizens, and helps to fund college scholarships for local students so very deserving.

John S. Swygert