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Monday, December 1, 2014

I Am the Light ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Origin from a single moment and point in the fabric of space time,
before it even existed and from forth I burst with life,
and energy faster then the speed of light I built the universe wide,
ever expanding outward light to never again in darkness hide.

You know the breath of life and thought within that we all call I,
We know it each within our soul as clear as the world so sees the eye,
a familiar beckoning from within deeper then further away is that sky,
it is a knowing upon which no man can, will, or shall falsely lie.

I rippled and I waved interacting with various material creating molecules,
in youth playing with these building blocks at first called sub atomic particles,
much theory reverberating through recorded history to be read in virtuous articles,
I gathered a plethora of matter that I set in motion, dynamic flying galactic pools.

I offered breath of life to amino acids bathing in a primordial solution now life,
oxygen to fuel the human condition while I observed from what you call heavens, up high,
organic biological vessels in which to travel space time, experience exploration, and survive,
within you each I am always everywhere always traveling and still always alive.

I am, have been, and always will be the energy of stardust.
to each who know my voice already born and forever so within.
with knowledge that we all return home one day together,
all family, all of same origin, sharing this voice together onward. all kin.

Before there was nothing but compacted matter void of life and light,
there was no color such as yellow, green, black, red, blue or white,
I just was within that first thought and a future in infinite possibility in sight,
I understood this deeply to the core of my soul before I was born into this life.

I have traveled forever and seen more then words know yet how to describe,
I have designed worlds and cast upon their orbits moons to control the tides,
offered ebb and flow so imperative for those aminos awash bathing and so baptized to offer life,
I know that to live truly forever and ever, is never, to ever truly, really have to die.

Manifestations we are, with the voice alive in all in our constant endearing surround,
Everywhere you look, never an unturned stone, is where I have always been found,
I have forever and always been that voice within and therefore always and forever around,
I am the singing of angels in a chorus of harmonies sung in eternal echoing halls in rounds.

When it comes time to move forward and past this point in this beautiful fabric,
a space time blanket, our host will embrace us naked a body so shed like magic.
unencumbered finally once again riding on the light energy free no longer so static,
knowing all answers from high above, never once again knowing anything else tragic.

Life, a soul with thought, and an articulate voice,
continual transformation through metamorphosis is well and alive.
evolving with the dynamic and eternally infinite universe in motion,
all this knowledge already residing within forever deep down inside.

All just deoxyribonucleic acid quantumnauts !