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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Plea to the Citizens of Cumberland, Maryland and All Across This Country

With 8,661 likes on this page as I write this post, I have a plan I would like to introduce to the citizens here in Cumberland primarily, as well as abroad.

I have shared this with many local politicians, including the Mayor, a County Commissioner, a City Councilman as well as the State's Attorneys Office, and many others.

As my thoughts are this precisely, a course of action with a direct impact through community cohesiveness alongside law enforcement, is the best plan to implement, in quick order, to help prevent, curb, and prosecute crime in this modern day and age that we all see too often proliferating.

Please take a moment to read this thoroughly and state what ever your ideas, suggestions, and opinions are so this plan, or proposal if you will, can further be formulated and promoted.

We, as a community, need to further utilize all the tools at our collective disposal to eradicate the problems here at home swiftly, as I myself am tired of this as much as the rest of you each, and plan on utilizing my education and talents alongside you all to help pave a way for a safer, and therefore healthier city, as I will stand for nothing less!

I believe Cumberland After Dark provides an excellent real time community service, that is not just needed, but vitally valuable in spreading primarily events as they happen, and perhaps secondarily, sharing our thoughts about precisely how we all plan to combat crime in our city and abroad, setting an example for other jurisdictions to follow.

I ask you Cumberland After Dark, to please allow this post to remain, so valuable feedback may be garnered in quick order and we as a collective can help extinguish what we all too often experience, witness, and are impacted by, in this city we love.

To further appeal to the citizens, just think of anytime a crime has happened, and if it had happened to you, would you rather have more or less evidence against these criminals that are jeopardizing our collective property, families, and freedoms?

I hope to be overwhelmed with responses, which you may directly send to my inbox or list under the comments section, so that we may further refine a course of action in very quick order.

I promise to you that I will diligently work on this until we see changes come to fruition.

I am not a politician and do not take sides. I am a citizen seeking solutions and demand (nicely) we all overcome these burdens upon us together with no political divide. I will not respond to any political divisiveness either.

Finally, I would like to tag a few entities as well and hope that this facet alone will further help spread the idea of a possible initiative. WCBC Radio, Cumberland Times-News, Cumberland Maryland, Amanda Mangan, Amanda Mangan, Cumberland City Police Department, Maryland State Police - Aviation Command

Let us make social networking work for us, and feel free to tag any entity you think may find this of interest.

Thanks for your time and thoughts and I hope we can together make this an even better place to reside for our loved ones.