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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mexico Farms Allegany County Waste Disposal Cumberland, Maryland 21502

This is the start of my research here at home where I am curious about the waste disposal of human and other waste that is trucked into my home area from abroad and sprayed onto fields tondry.

As this research unfolds, I will share research links, pictures, and speculation as well as fact about this process.

I wonder often why people here are sonsick, and my hunch is this is a huge problem with chemicals used, possible runoff into the adjacent Potomac River and airborne pathogens that could be present.

I want to discover what areas we serve, what chemicals are used, what the process it, what the waste is used for afterwards and who is in charge of this program on a local level all the way through to federal oversight.

FEMA is located nearby too, as well as a Federal prison so you would think regulations arebwell followed, however I rarely hear about this local industry in any aspect.

I am asking you the readers, citizens close by or far and wide, to sharevwith me and the reading audience what your thoughts are, what your research and experience have to share, and what this means long term for the health of the citizens here as well as other areas where this practice is utipized.

As thisbreseacrh unfolds I will be editing this report with links, specifics, laws, ad infinitum, anout this entire process seemingly not very well scrutinized.

I beg of you to reach out and contact me and share any material, footage, pictures, research, etc. With me as I conduct this privateninvestigation, and my largest concerns are that of the local health of citizens and wildlife here.

The Potomac river, which I grew up on, is adjacent to this land, and the lication is also not very far from a superfund site, which we all know werevnever cleaned up as conclusively, or thoroughly, as possible.

Tonight I was at the local Emergency Room which had no rooms in back and a lobby full of 60 or more folks, patients and family, waiting to be seen. It is flu season on this day of January 19, 2015, and this year has been an epidemic in those concerns as it is very well reported, not to mention the flu vaccine not being entirely as effective as hoped this year.

Perhaps their is no correlation at all with the two, however I cannot help but wonder what is making so many here so ill, so often, even outside of flu season.

We have strains of disease stronger (more resistant) then ever today, antibiotics that are becoming ineffective, and a population here that has terrible overall health as well as poor dental health when compared to the national average, and these facts are very easily verifiable.

Every aspect of health must be considered and perhaps the most important aspect is prevention. Are we contaminating our water and air here locally as a dumping pist for human waste in an industry poorly regulated and wreaking havoc upon our population? It is notoriously windy here, with wind turbines on most surrounding ridges, and it would be no surprise to me that everyday we are inhaling fecal matter, pathogens, and chemicals that are very detrimental to our entire liveliehood in every facet.

Industry here at home is desperately needed for certain, but not at the cost of our collective health and longevity.

I also observe a very high per capita degree of birth defects, mental retardation, and disease, that certainly must be linked to industry and in particular the chemicals used in those industries as well as pathogens that thrive in some of these industries too.

In this instance, as I understand the topic thus far, fecal matter is trucked in from abroad, treated, and then sprayed across large flat fiels with jets from irrigation like machinery where it is left to dry in the sun. If it isndrying, that ,eans we have evaporation, which in turn means we have moisture with chemicals at the very least, and possibly pathogens, rising into the air where the wind can carry it away. As no system is ever perfect and typically flawed or not worki g properly at times, there certainly must be, at the least, runoff problems as well, straigh into the ground below or directly into the river or nearby tributaries, and all finding itsvway into the waterways further downstream, thus contaminating the area. The wind would do the same type of damage spreading these contaminants abroad.

This is just "food for thought", and aspects that I will be further studying. As with most topics like this, I do not expect any cooperation or real concern from most professionals and perhaps not much help from the average under-educated citizen here either, as these issues are typically over convoluted and soiled with money which in turn often spoils industry protocols and regulation with violations in actual practice often used to cut corners and save money.

Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised, however my gut says my speculation is correct, however I will do my very best to remain objective, thorough, and pure with fo us.

Ultimately, I just know something is wrong, and as a man with a degree in science and an investigative mind and nature, I seek to unravel this story and see what may be found and how we can all change our habits and practices to better prevent these practices and possibilities of contamination.

There are other similar practices that are used in mining and fracking that I also may sight to further lend a conveyance of how these practices focused on here have an impact locally and further away too.

I also would like to learn what the "final product" is utilized for, and how it goes right back into our foodbchain from each and every practice.

The additions will be made below this last original paragraph here, and all edits and or additions will be found there, so please check back often for updates, as this will be an evolving piece of literature / research.

To start with, I am adding links below to thoroughly study, from these I will extract information while studying and report my findings below. These may be specific to this report, or also may contain other pertinent information about the area and/or similar issues to further study and consider:

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