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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Slipping Away In Musical Vibrations ~ Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

slipping away into an ethereal grip
vivid light tracers the wall adrip
whats your poison so declared that you do sip
then chased by indian pale ale so hip

drums echoing rhythmically upon a wall of rock
this mountain captures souls that flock
resonating vibrations no words but they talk
herbal incensual medicine delivers never balks

experience so real the spirit natural is rising
agitated future thoughts so quickly demising
in this moment only present no longer hiding
decloaked on the wind and now heavenly gliding

flying higher with the vibrations awrought
what can be the future being currently sought
answers abound within that cannot be bought
getting in touch so natural not taught not taut

deconform and float away residing in hues
of skies colored psychedelic pinkish purply blues
inside forthcoming only answers so true
one and one now united no longer two

divisive social control exit and so ceases to exist
no longer residing on some covert sketchy agency list
abstract projections viewed heavenly dew on your lips
no longer a prisoner once you have escaped the programmed trip

cool damp fog rolls in and covers the vivid dark fair ground
the sun peaking while peeking through piquing through sound
voices a chorus sung in echoing rounds all around and a round all around
with these friends together in unity forever deeply now bound

perspective shifted in an instant while healing lays just ahead
lets the past now dormant sleep in eternal peace like the dead
never again any thoughts of deep dark nasties or decrepit dread
powerful molecule dancing through synapses clears the head