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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Hermit ~ A Short Story

I am taking a hike alone this gray cool and breezy early spring day, this my last, and I revisiting many various aspects from my life before I depart as scheduled.

What really weighs heavy on this old man's aching meandering mind is the once great and well adhered to expression that is now so boringly nonchalantly cliche, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I remember this since the first I heard it from my youth Bible school taught to me by my beloved Mother. It is indeed from the dusty old Bible too many have let set upon a shelf far too long while wielding ways of sin, however if you care to look it up you can find it in Luke 6:31

How do you let a finite friend define himself through the passage of time and how do you let a foe, one must hold even closer to the vest, thine enemy, do the same ?

What is it that drives another to covet all their neighbor has and makes them so drastically desire to steal away from them, like a thief in the night, all it is that they have earned for themselves and their own family, as instructed by the good book?

Why is it in this modern day and age, new aquaintances, all too often, are selfish with a multitude of facades with no known logic, reason, or rhyme, for this, their loathsome bias?

Is it so difficult, I ask of you, to respect another's personal life without trying to somehow interfere? Does it not say in those commandments to not covet they neighbor's wife?

Is there such call for trying to place upon another your own downtrodden and miserable existence when those in same have done nothing but offer you a lift of up and commence?

Being an altruistic idealist in the early years and a man holding strong values and morals, perhaps it is upon myself, this blame, that too often I find I carry along with such a magnitude of disgust for others.

Gradually moving along towards that transition from an altruistic idealistic being to the more mature, having "taken my lumps" reckoning realist, it would be obvious to any man or woman, that a certain loss of innocence transpires along this journey, which can wear even the most sturdy of minds, bodies, or souls weaker.

After more recent events, and when I find myself pondering what happened to good ole' neighbors that use to share in every of life's most grand of events, let me fall back to this moment with you now while I have an ear as you read, whence I knew of such disgust in another from personal experience and that I once again should have learned this lesson earlier, but yet still hope to find another worthy in life as I so hope to within this mind where I retain this glimmer for hope, an ember barely left to burn.

This being the most recent example of  a conniving individual ..." A cowardice manipulative self serving heathen is he who not confronts, as an honest and reputable man will, to another's face, but rather literally stabs him in the back with words of ill will through the voice of his very loved one instead, trying ever divisively to drive a wedge between the two, where a bond, stronger then that wedge will ever be, truly exists."

What differentiates primal animal vs. cultivated and cultured man today...not too much...certainly not too much at all.

I will be on my way now, one less burden to deal with and the wiser for which I had hoped not to be in such this way.

Once I held the social grace of a knight until my strength wore thinner and my age older and patience, still a virtue, unattained,... or perhaps given up upon... the metamorphosis had transcended me as I was ever creeping closer towards old man aging with a gray beard lengthening and bones creaking and cracking and a body emitting an odor of slow decay and all the while by myself through choice now all alone... this pine box that held me tight.

I had not known betrayal for quite a while now and the granite that rest over me had not too much to say, however poignant it was my epitaph that read like an old fable of Aesop's with a lesson for others to heed...

" Here lies just another Hermit - A heart and soul broken just one too many times. "