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Monday, March 16, 2015

Political Folly ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

Ravenous republicans carving up lunatic lazing liberals with tongues ablaze in prolific profanity.
Arguing altruistic issues with time wasted and waning, progress so traded instantly for insanity.
Liberals laughing at such juvenile anguish and anger, such angst so defiantly and deviously displayed.
A fortunate future, in these divisive parties' ploys of ruinness rhetoric, that future forever and ever dashed and delayed.
Republicans reloading, as the opposition recoils with disgust as they are obliterated and overrun.
Flashing back fluid signs of patronizing peace and offering holistic hugs, they all fall one by one.
Relentless republicans roaringly rushing onward, outnumbered 9 to 5, their agenda a must at any cost, never to ever be denied.
Liberals, sipping and puffing, day dreaming and fantasizing, while both political parties bought with cash and sin based in lies.
Corporate bigwigs buying virtual votes, each polarizing political party in the role cast as nothing more then dividing big business tools, while we all constantly get consistently cajoled like fools.
Dumbing down the cascading crumbling country, as we all futily frantically financially drown, left aghast with fearful frowns, while wearing nothing but fancy comical crowns, bankrupt and alone left in sullen somber shock, while we silently watch and drivel and drool.