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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cartesian Coordinate System vs. The Swygert Theory of Everything AO

A beautiful thing is mathematics is the cartesian coordinate system, however I think it quite flawed in a grander scale, where as it has been fully under utilized and only offering an inkling of the mathematics that it could give birt too, such as my own coordinate system which takes into account another dimension called "movement".

I think in my "gut" this new coordinate system I am evolving as I contemplate and write about it could fully revolutionize all fields of science.

Sure, that is a ridiculous statement to make is it not?

However I have shared my thoughts on my design in various published writing and have seen evidence of it in use.

Ultimately when we have the power of quantum computing in hand, this coordinate system and the mathematics which compliment its sophisticated nature are acyually utilized, I can already envision the absolute answers to things such as disease and black holes which we are only examining as we discover, one piece at a time, where as we could be eating the entire pie.

The philosophical question that always arises as I study and write more while further contemplating this yet to be proven theroy of mine I am certain of as much as I am certain a dog likes bones, is, will it, in an overall sense, be wholesome for mankind?

I love the idea of data-sets and realms and domains dancing inside my mind's eye fluid and real and interacting with one another, be they sub-atomic or cosmic, or galactic in nature or anywhere in between, and I love these slow dances revealing more and more the mathematics to the overall formula that is evolving as math is a language I must learn one day to express.

To see in the mind's eye is a wonderful gift and to make it all come to fruition to unravel universal secrets and forever change the world is a rather scary propositon.

I think the "Swygert Theory of Everyting AO" will be an incredible enlightenment and I feel it has alreay started to be utilized by the mere words AI have shared previously on paper for those that can decipher the thoughts as verbalized so clear.

As great as E=mc squared is, it does not answer all of the questions I know that my formula can and will in due time.

You have to dare to dream before a dream turns reality and I am dreaming huge.

Think about motion, and cause and effect, and how it has changed the world, how it very self is responsible for life so rare which now we know has to absolutely exist elsewhere in this universe in which we reside.

Think about the vastness of spacetime still expanding, full of billions of galaxies...BILLIONS...and we exist in a galaxy of just one. Microscopic in comparison are we but with life abundant here.

Why not dream huge ?


So here is a little more of the "system" revealed...

" The Swygert Theory of Everything AO"




A patient has complained of yet diagnosed long term pain that has had thorough testing and no definitive diagnosis,
 and they have had such intense pain so long it has left them either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually disabled,and they have a history of epilepsy or symptoms and experiences that are presenting and leaning in that direction and that fall into this category,
and they test positive for elevated inflamation markers or (future) gene tests that would show a propensity towards this condition,
and they test positive for pathnogenic exposure often present in auto-immune disease,
and the treatmets previously sought seem virtually ineffective while the symptoms seem to increase over time most always worsening and further debilitating the patient,
All proper blood work should be performed first as this isthe simplest way and least expensive way to rule in or out other known disease and condition,and a viral test can be performed (when able to be utilized as this is new technology, ) to understand better what viruses the patient has been introduced to, as there are auto-immune disease caused by pathogens, as well as other conditions that may be either the sole source of disease / condition or a contributing factor, as well as these viruses could be responsible for one of the three conditions that must be present for the overall disease, "John's Syndrome" to be diagnosed where all three prongs, inflamation, seizure, and chronic acute pain must all be present,
genetic testing (being better refined and identified for causation then ever) could be done that seeks sources of origin of conditions to any of or all these symptoms,
If all of these symptoms and conditions were present as described above, we could then identify this nerve hyper-sensitivity disorder called "John's Syndrome" as the disease responsible for the acute pain and properly treat it with the drugs that are specific to the mechanical systems actually involved, now pinpointed definitively. 

The actual idea with this theory I have designed is that we are able to, with modern computing, especially cloud computing alongside super computers and the soon to be the actual fruition of quantum computers, actually within a computers ability to have the capacity to process a truly and infinite amount of data through virtual mapping on my coordinate system sumilar to a computer CAD system, and through the use of this now virtual reality or virtuasl parallel universe by design, or in this specific case for medicine a mirror image of exactly what we do fully know versus what is missing versus the end results expected, we will be able to model these conditions perfectly, solve mathematically for the missing information (which will be virtually instantaneous once we do have the power of quantum computing), as we know what the exact or close to the exact outcomes are, and where as all of the systems of the body, all of the chemicals and their interactions, and all of the stimuli, ad infinitum will become datasets in this virtual reality, that we may extrapolate from and study these data sets and run simulations upon while seeking the correct answers, which by the nature of the architecture of the system, again most especailly run on a quantum computer, will always be solving for x, and for y, and for z, so to speak. By running "modeling" similar to what is utilized for modern day meterology, but upon an infinitely more powerful platform and hardware making most of today's vast arrays and various computers look like child's play, and it will be this very modeling that finds the exact ansers we so desire, which will be not only specific finite diagnosis but also treatment and maybe eventually (and I think very quickly utilizing my theory) cures for these and other conditions and disease.

The key is in my architecture which is in a specifically designed coordinate system, similar to the cartesian coordinate system, using a formula that is derived from the very system itself by design if you understand the system, which may take a degree in physics and a degree in mathematics too. The coordinate system is much further evolved, and actually evolved to the furthest point we could take it on any given day yet still flexible and evolving as real time and space actually evolve too.

The cartesian coordinate system is certainly a thing of beauty when studied and understood and its utilization has most definitely and unequivcoally changed the course of mankind, however it leaves out the most important dimension, which is movement !!! This is a huge clue to how my system will work !