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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Etched In Stone ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Light delicate drizzle coated the morning valley,
gray clouds sullenly hung overhead on high,
cool breeze carelessly caressing attuned senses,
eternal peace with nothing in this moment to decide.

Afternoon cutting in contrast with the lush green floral,
and the fledgling fauna in fields of infinite play,
I watched from my window aloft far above,
just a fly once again on the wall this very day.

Taking it all in this beauty,
so perfect in absence of man,
pondering the natural balance,
oh, earth so quite often always out of hand.

Daily the animals in their magnificient jovial silence,
watching the exchange as nature so on goes and grows,
enjoying the eternal changes of these wondrous seasons,
this so natural eternal back and forth ebb and flow.

Contemplating within the mind's eye even deeper,
this balance in which we humans must survive,
and how more easily we should make this gift of life,
offering one another less stresses and less taking sides.

All of nature accepting natural order from divinity,
thoughtfully living within such perfect confines,
man living often always in contrasting contempt,
twisting and manipulating all already so devine.

This is what sets us apart as different,
not really thought and brilliance as we surmise,
but rather ego changing all that surrounds us,
which I have watched with thine own very eyes.

Mankind condemed to repeating failures,
as nature triumphantly adapts and renews,
civilizations in history consistently rising and falling,
no matter what each thought they knew.