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Saturday, June 27, 2015



Beyond the permanent loss of a loved one, perhaps nothing stings more then friends in deep heated disagreement where I cannot be a broker of purposeful peace with remaining meaningful longevity.

Recent actions of disgrace that have taken place in the South, a part of the country I hold dear, may certainly prove as devisive as the tragic days of September 11, 2001.

In this time of what should be deep passionate national mourning on that account I instead observe a fracture becoming more well formed alongside high emotional energy that should be restarined, as educated adults, as we pay our respects while further defending the Constitution of The United States and its inherent Bill of Rights, as well as properly preserving history, all too often distorted.

While the masses are bickering amoungst themselves in this great but seemingly weakened and divided nation, others are further eroding away the exact foundation that offers our citizens the greatest freedoms ever realized in the modern world.

Concerning a recent court decision, there should be a celebration of recognizing the lawful unity of two consenting adults, however this too has become a divisive issue as well, further dividing many, as others make wild remarks with even more overly emotional out of control and immature behavior.

As a steadfast citizen of this always evolving country, and especially in these times of even larger political and civil upheaval, I embrace these above issues as well as the Supreme Court's ruling concerning healthcare, as it means we have a flexible fabric which bends, which changes, which stretches, which accomodates, but which will not break. That fabric my friends is a reflection of all of us as unified individuals loyal to our country.

To evolve and become a greater nation which stands for freedom and has laws of substance and decency, we should all celebrate these changes that are positive and be careful not to over react to those which are specifically and sinisterly committed with nothing in mind but to hurt our country.

As I age, at 47 now, I see the divide widening and I deeply worry about our country's both short and long term fate. We hold that balnce and fate in our very hands as the public of citizens in good standing. Please practice respect and constraint when the blood roils and others are trying purposefully to rile you and rattle that cage of discontent. Rather, save that energy and funnel it towards volunteering in your local community and get to know first hand that freedom means that we are all different and have a right to express our differences in a respectful manner and that that is exactly the fabric that makes us an even greater nation today, slowly evolving from the worst of economic times since the great depression.

Also, get politically active by writing your local paper, writing politicians, running for office, or in a plethora of other ways as empty words are meaningless and a pitiful waste of time, as we need to collectively better utilize our strengths in unity, setting aside unsubstantial differences, and get on the path of repairing and upgrading our infrastructure and restoring our economy with great private and government investment that will offer liveable wage paying jobs for the millios that want to work and cannot because the job base for them does not exist.

Promote education in your communitty and and be a catalyst to greatness instead of watching others fail. If you are in a wonderful area and see no suffering, I suggest you travel abroad and see it for yourself and offer a real helping hand as a decent human being and help lift others up while far too many are trying to tear us down as a country. Be the example of what citizenship and duty really mean.

I am personally tired of profane words and attitudes of obtuse hatred, most especially against other races, and I will stand against this onslaught of disgust and say that I have zero tolerance for such action which I will peacefully remove myself from after I have stated my feeelings of personal indifference to such ignorance along with a suggestion, a seed if you will, of hope. One does not have to act ignorantly back towards ignorance but rather set an example and walk away and see who follows. I do not want to be a leader, however I am often alone because I stand for what I believe.

My family I hold sacred as my God, and my country is right by their side when it comes to my personal beliefs. My family is a family of multiple nationalities and great races of history all blended together and bonded through love based on principles we share with one another and do our best to practice as we too evolve and learn, nothing unlike these beautiful United States of America.

Today, I pray for peace and wisdom for our nation and its citizens and only ask that you examine motive behind actions taken recently and further gain an upperhand on our always evolving minds and education keeping an open mind and living a principled life, where others life is equally as important so much so that you would even offer your own on behalf of those others. When we examine motive, it can actually dictate what our actions should be, and sometimes the best action is nothing at all and discretion is something we must exercise with our own well being and that of others always first and foremost being considered. Keep your cooth, be tactful, stay educated, and most of all be a citizen that promotes this, greatest country in the world, and sets an example for the world to follow.

Today, as everyday, I am praying for peace and love, compassion and understanding, and healing for all of us, a unified nation with strength nearing our celebration of Freedom!

May God be with you each.

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