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Friday, June 12, 2015


Lyrica, Seizures, Inflamation, and Pain

I want to explore the possible correlation of pain, seizures, and inflamation and why Lyrica is so effective for me.

Do I have overly sensitive nerves?

I have had episodes where I felt as I was going to have a seizure and may have had one... 4th of July and other instances...make a list.

I have become increasing sensitive to light.

I have, according to Gilbert's experience and hunch, a propensity for medical issues concerning over inflamation where it then becomes harmful instead of helpful threough a healing process, and he has suggested that I get a blood test to see if that is indeed the case, I belive irt was a test for the sedentatyion rate, but need to double check with him before requesting thi stest soon.

Is there perhaps an unknown disease or condition where because of inflmation the nerves become hyperactive and increase the amount of pain being felt which Lyrica, at least in my case, can effectively relieve or treat this condition?

Can I help to specifically classify this condition I suspect into a recognized and treatble disease, by definition? I will call it  John's Syndrome as a nickname and more specifically name it soon as I conduct this study and try my best to link together my hypothesis as I research the topics and form an even better and more articulate hypothesis which I intend on proving?

How shall I, once connecting these stypmtoms and conditions, effectively develope a test for it?  

I feel like this is a new and unexplored and thus not currently connected chain reaction of conditions that starts with an inflmation response and disorder. I hypothesize that this hyperactive nervous system response triggers an increase in the feeling of pain in a patient far above that which is normal, and then these signals that the brain processes cause the brain to react with an intense, perhaps nearly or actually even, fight or flight syndrome that is also far outside of the expected norm under the conditions that would actually trigger a normal response as such, and also that the brain chemistry is altered therafter keeping the brain regularly engaged in this heightened mode where seizures may actually manifest in the worst case scenario and an anxious condition will most certainly always persist, which then amplifies the entire condition in its cycle.

I would be curious to study if sufferers of severe and chronic and acute pain are statistically more likely to also suffer from seizures.

I would like to study if there is a certain range within a specific blood test (perhaps the one Gilbert mentioned I should have) that would include a percentage of these acute and chromic pain suffering subjects that would support the idea above of these subjects also being more likely to have seizures.

After studying exactly how Lyrica works chemically, and in particularly with the central nervous system and brain signaling,  I next want to examine if there is an overlap in the specific systems (name these as this study evolves) that also control, or are conduits, of these signaling systems including the systems after effects of these chemical commands, and there chain reaction cause and effect in response to those commands, so that we may more thoroughly examine them in their respectve entirety from start to finish and how they are interconnected in this new disease I suspect.

I am not intending on suggesting that all seizures have causation that can be found in a condition like this, nor am I ruling it out, because often we find that any particular disease or condition may have one or more factors involved working simeautaneously or independtly that can be the very origin of the genesis of the condition itself. I want to insure an open minded examination of these possibilities.

I also want to reverse engineer, so to speak, if this condition or disease exists as I suspect, how the very fact that  Lyrica being so effective in its treatment can indeed be proof itself that this does indeed exist and be chemically (molecularly) tracked and / or traced to show why it is effective on each system independently and how these changes in a chain reaction of cause and effect alter the other systems involved, thus restoring at least some balance if not a full and normal balance in its entirety.

I would also suggest examining, as a possible causative agent, pathogenic origin as well as genetic predisposition or genetic mutation as a result to exposure to a substance,  as I suspect some people will suffer from this condition from birth, some will have it simply appear later in life after exposure to a pathogen amd/or substance and others may be the worst case scenario where they have the predisposition for the ultimate suffering because all expected causative agents exist in the subject.

I hypothesize all of these criteria based on a hunch, which is based on personal experience and professional diagnosis that is fully documented through MRI's and X-Rays at this point, as well as studying how much better I feel after my initial introduction to 50mg of Lyrica twice daily where I quickly responded, and based on my experience with the feeling of increasing likeliehood for seizures and tremors and a highly increased sensitivity to light, which I have had all of my life and has only become more intense which perhaps most notablyI have felt amplified with this introduction to Lyrica specifically as a treatent prescribed by my doctor for the treatment of acute and chronic severe pain. I classify this thus far as my only side effect that is noticeable to me, however it also makes my curious nature wonder exactly why this side effect exists in me and why it has been amplified, where as most side effects are conditions that appear initially only after the drug has been introduced. I think this factor as described may be of great significance and a real clue as to this condition or disease which I want to identify today.

The introduction of Lyrica to me as a patient is the first time I have ever felt such powerfully direct results in, for myself, a 100% positive response where for the first time in well over 20+ years, at age 47, I feel almost completely pain free and as though I was reverted back into the body of my former 20 something year old previous self. This drug has been that absolutely significant to me feeling this much better nearly instantly as I felt within 4 - 5 hours a massive release of the grip pain has held on me for so very, very long. I took the Lyrica on an empty stomach and with two Percocet 5/325.

I am doing my best to document exactly what has transpired thus far as well as fully articulate my own observations and deep thought about this experience which has led me to countless hours of reading and research and this hunch I am offering herein.