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Friday, June 5, 2015

Wind Chimes ~ Poetry/Lyric ~ Mobiustripz

Each you wind chimes,

on such a windy day,

with nothing worthy to say,

an so why do you hold your musical tounges?

Musical voice offered you in life this gift,

ability to utilize it to bring together all over rifts,

and yet unscrupulously standing for nothing long silent,

confused in the winds of change your lost and still drift.

Chime in any time no matter the scale of things to change,

Ring out the notes of your deep rooted dis-content,

reverberate until your tassles hung upon are broken and spent,

leave you hanging by only mere threads for all that you lent.

Start chiming with the others cylindrical bells in harmony with visual unison,

a sililoquy so sweet a key opening doors of all of the societal prisons,

ringing out loud with enchanting music spreading enlightening wisdom,

We are all the musical chimes together collectively resonating now conquering schisms.