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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Putting Memory Into Song ~ Lyric / Poerty ~ MobiusTripz

Well I have been thinking backwards,
about times done passed me by,
and how I use to be attractive,
the apple of so many eyes,

now I am changing fast,
and good times have come and gone,
really all alone at last,
putting memory into song.


new things are starting to happen,
as I reinvented my self,
and art is taking over,
no longer empty promises of wealth,

and I am breathing easy again,
as I lay those cigarettes down for good,
and gave up drinking like a maniac,
and stumbling through my cities neighborhoods,

and I actually have friends again,
and traded dreams of romance in for work,
and I am healing steady with God's grace,
stopped being such a jerk,

Now I only look straight ahead,
so blessed this wretch am I,
I have even better friends,
then ever before in my life.

I have people that support me,
when I need a shoulder or an ear,
all I had to do was start listening,
and stop drinking so much beer,

and love found me again,
as usual just never how I planned,
and I am happier then ever before,
no longer that same man,

and I know I am blessed again,
and appreciate so much this gift of life,
working on myself with baby steps,
shedding so much strife,

healing is a long tough process,
and I ain't got no time for newborn pains,
I am looking ahead and forward always,
enjoying when the sun shines or when it rains,

and I thank all of you my amigos,
be you young or be you old,
woman or man your gender,
blessed for every word I have been told,

bout picking myself up,
or taking that helping hand,
swallowing my pride with wisdom,
recognizing where I stand,

and doing things all different,
so forward I can progress and grow,
so thankful I could lag close behind and learn,
as I was on that uptake so slow.

and I am getting back to me again,
regardless of all the gray,
for my younger years,
with age I have so paid,

but the wisdom is so priceless,
and my research on many levels cost,
damn near gave my soul away,
for lessons and time now all but lost,

and when you have a problem,
I promise I will be that friend,
that I could not in that past,
now with an ear to lend,

and a shoulder to lean upon,
and a warm hug I will so freely share,
as we now move forward together,
you all have answered all my prayers.