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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Spirit Within ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

I love you,
and for your trouble I cried a tear,
it became a river rushing,
as I prayed.

and then I heard...

I love you,
knows no boundaries,
heals all pains,
transcends time.

I love you,
knows no gender,
no race divide,
or culture to overcome.

I love you,
forever and always,
lessons all around surrounding,
all a teacher so wise.

I love you,
perfect balance at last,
know this within now,
peace is a promised eternity.

I love you,
no matter sexual preference,
no matter religion skewed,
no matter matters above.

I love you,
together we triumph,
never again alone,
powerfully forgiving all.

I love you,
accepting change,
evolving in spite of myself,
always rising above.

I love you,
always lifting upwards,
a soul that wants to only smile,
this we so do share.

I love you,
let it resonate,
pray to your understanding,
which I promise to respect.

I love you,
never forget,
manifest anything with prayer,
together more powerful.

I love you,
a mountain moves,
faith shifts forward from origin,
even from the size of just a mustard seed.

I love you,
I reside within,
always on tap and by your side,
complimenting positivity.

and I was reassured all would be just fine,

so remember please my friends,

I love you,
each as sacred as another,
I love you forever and for always,
together we carve a future rich to only share.