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Friday, September 4, 2015

Killing A Soul With A Cold ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz ~ Energy Theives

Nothing can kill a soul quite as betrayal,
most especially by others thought so trusted,
who in the cloak of darkness turn only against,
their healing friend's strength so guarded while weak.

Attacking like a gathering mass of malicious minions,
conspiring to their new formed loudly alliterating allegiance,
with foresight to only take their brother down starting in ill will of word,
as there is no other sane nor rational path to be had in vision ahead.

Now caught in their madlust youthful power hungry insanity,
apologetic in my ear as yet I lay in weep while ill,
trying so ever difficult to offer the promises so I made,
and yet energy, a thief of it they may all be, I lay forever dying.

This betrayal, of it I was read of well in youth and thought it not,
any possibility ever of an experience I may indeed endure,
yet least of all by unsuspected friends so close as blood of family,
but as in love, so defenseless and naive waiting a target in the light am I.

A target upon my forever eternal soul,
awash always and forever cloaked in my Father's Light,
ready for the taking I fighteth no more back,
ready to depart at peace I am never again so as you ill now trapped.

My thoughts fleeting fast,
breath of sweet air so short,
time elapsing as my soul eases out of this vessel,
true bliss cannot be so adrift too far away.

All I ever offered was a hand,
and yet you shall have me on my way,
a foe as friend you should always trust,
for here on my death bed now I lay.