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Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Rage of Pain In Loss ~ !!! ~ LBGT Pride ~ MobiusTripz

You think you are ready to go for a real fucking ride? Hold the fukk on...

I have lost another real live friend who was a recent trans-gendered gone by the sinister hand of stigma society played upon her. Oh yes, my sweet July started not so very well, and for a second time in just over 20+ years, a friend of mine, one of four I have known, decided to, well let's say permanently take a step on that wild side. She killed herself on her birthday, July 4th... 2015... Independence Day ! I love you Tom my old buddy and I miss you Kira my friend !

BEEN LOSING A FRIEND EVERY 4-6 WEEKS OR A LOVED ONE...LOST... YOU KNOW ... FUCKING DEAD... AGAIN !!! Fuck this place a lot man !!!  ... bout to snap for real ... snap

So you hold on and do whatever it takes cause there is no book anywhere for my life's I write them...crazier then me and I eat crazy cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you should still do your best to read between those lines and find the serious fucking messages within that are all coated with other stuff so only a few can read so deep and understand how to better express your strength so in support through the powerful arts, pick which it is you so like, or all flavors so you choose.

Are you going to judge? You fucking asshole? Do you judge me for doing all the drugs in the world to make sure I know my shit because I studied science with a major in police science? I am learned so by the book as through experience or am I not? I still judge too...fucked up shit you cannot drink nor fuck away! I have friends that are doctors, law enforcement, intelligence, N.A.S.A., Microsoft, Sirius Satellite XM, you get the idea... and I have friends that have been in or are in gangs or bikers, prisons and jails, some friends that are other things they would appreciate I do not repeat and it is all so good, a few killer friends... again, I roll along in such perfect a blend in experience I am you too you do so know. I have friends of all walks and all my friends know this well... and they got my back too... we are all on this ride together and trying to get along and give one another space to breath and just fucking relax so let's all just calm on down and take a deep breath now, Amen ! ... cuz we bout' to snuff a few of you bitches out !... so kidding, but damn it freedom of speech can be so cleverly and divisively so construed however way you which! .pu si nwod s'taht lla sdrawkcaB

I can get as deep, sexual, naked, primal, raw and even grotesque as any of you can or rather today focus on those things finer and sweeter with each coming day. I have experienced all and will embrace that which comes my way, no matter heaven or hell and I will know my brother and my sister as different no more as you shall know not I the vagabond and desperate rambler of the evening offering a hand often to those seemingly unable to reach so back.

So why does my transgendered friend (a word unrecognized here not at blogger and underlined in red as I type before publishing today, still unrecognized as mainstream in most data-sets of particular analysis when so viewed in ranges as such) have to suffer in a life where my male friend so chose to live as female, ... a shocking feat by any stretch of all of ours imaginations together and more power to her... so you get it.

Would you take all those hormones and ask for a confusing...really fucking....confusing second puberty? My friend did. Because she is crazy you say, I punch your face red, never these words, in my presence said. Because you understand she wanted to live the way inside you would desire in your dreams no matter what another's interpretation all this around us all really just art and perspective, matter traveling through space time, light being reflected and absorbed, we process it and adrift we are and how odd at times do we all not so look in the hollow oh so graphic fucking view !!!

Wake the fuck up on a cosmic level that shatters the neurons in your fucking brains and evolve forward to think and know and question not we are so each all equal and freeeeeee alike and shall not so be judged forward as ye reads.

So it was a tough month saying good bye, while I quit smoking, and yes well before drinking...and have this killer throat shredding cold...or whatever, as I have been too busy for time for a better so well qualifies to access and so fortunate of friends and projects am I, so physically healthier and becoming slowly worthy and dependable again so as I hone my craft through always present and tortuous pain.

By Tom Myerchin / Kira Myers, you are a hero for me this fucking tough and brilliant year I am so sorry we do not get to somehow through technology still get to after all these years so share...and so many others miss you still.

You took brave steps to lead a way that many others want to express and live so free.

Do you ever feel like you are not suffering from PTSD, but that as a write you have Writing mind is exploding in thoughts ! I am drinking fresh lemon tea with agave and another cup has coffee... this soar throat killing me...I just produced or directed or something like that the best show of my a talk show live...and it was just as I dreamed other artists believe my crazy vision so and the word is powerful in my absence as I am ill and yet my dreams so materialize before my eyes and made easy for me I am forever in my friends so pleased, and please forgive my so Charlie Sheen like ways, for it is only me... but ill this time not on drugs but in thy flesh and not that of thy own... and even as I write all of this in a joking and really not so serious tone but where is that gray line today we know so well... blast off party time... Colorado Weed across the USA Divide !

I am writing a visual party and the lines are just coming out in vivid sonic visions so vivid and real I see my city and its people finally further together a perfect masterpiece.

So yeah...I drove yesterday really fukkin' pissed off...for like 300 miles or something...and I went over mountain ridges (buchannan, green ridge twice, then to 25 miles past bedford, pa and back) and deep within the woods and over creeks and hills, and I loved it and then I came back home...thinking still and revved in wicked and emotional fuel as I thrust through this illness making me trudge in my internal adrenal fueled fire ... and slept not much have I! My throat a fire arage and seeking herbal medicinal treatment in the woods such as sassafras.

So, later...

The show tonight was great and it was nice to be a brilliant significant breath of life saving awesome genius with my pals even smarter indeed and shine a light on a fellow artist we all love, hold high, and want to make to never suffer alone again now share his story and find his way back home with us. He never worked with Robin Williams and has now said it may have been one of his worst answers upon retrospective analysis, as I had read elsewhere  Robin was not Eddie's kind of comedian, however perhaps now he better see that genius not always present until that angle is so gleamed.

Shooting stars all together we fly leaving no one ever out... ever fucking out !

Maybe I should not write to Judas Priest... You've Got Another Thing Coming !, but oh yeah...maybe I fucking still should (write) has never failed me yet !

Well, we have not lost our friend and I pray we all stick together still, and forgive fucktards... and forget, and move forward, and let men and women do what they desire to and for one another most especially in those deepest times of needs and watch and care for one another well. All else get their fukkin' faces smashed on in.

If you want to get all mighty in whatever religion of tongue you speak, know one thing this right and very now you have never seen another so fierce and swift a wolverine am I, in literation and reality, and oh so high am I, and yet my back so heals as walk not once run again do I. I am the word meister of all word meisters so honest I am and you see yourself a clear and naked self exposed I know you each and yet hide behind fallacies still so many blind, have not I walked your way, visually naked both truths and lies exposed, but most times recognized not I change. Had I a cane or was I in chariot wouldst thou not recognize me then he that adores me so right now? We change? Heal through flexibility in thought and fuel the voyage well, the body this actual fucking vessel your poisoning with crap !!!... and findest thine most fruitful of benefits yet I joke you not!

...juszzz playin' ... shissshhhhh... gotz to be kiddin' me, 1/4 to 4 a.m. and not a 1/4 to three, that morning outside is soon catching up with me, that artist mad !!!

Time to wrap this jive now up, but know my face is always me each day as you pass me by and always watching you...

If you are still a hater...I have Faith in more the karma and I bid you adieu... and for all the rest, I carry nothing but love for you!

Goodbye my sweet Kira and buddy Tom, so one in the perfect same... I implore us all to support the LGBT family and friends we have and speak up in that support, that same moving forward to decent principles and practice towards one another, and the proof of how love so travels forward in our lives so still.

I Am Who I AM, I Am You ...I  Am God, I Have Seen All!







JOIN OUR MOVEMENT - TAKE THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other bullied teens by letting them know that it gets better.


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