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Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Festival of Death - The Reality Unspoken Within

Surviving over loss,
constantly feeling this pain,
my friends are all dying,
tears a river rains.

Tears a river rains,
Tears a river rains,
My heart getting fucking ripped out,
Tears a river rains.


Getting on with getting older,
trying to no longer look back,
forgetting ancient memories,
And now just living for today.

Happens so regularly,
Never knowing who so quick goes next,
Death visits a busy schedule,
Failing one last and final test.

A festival of death,
This October has so already become,
In this time of reaping,
It's jyst the Devil having fun.

A festival of death,
A festival of death,
I think I am getting loaded,
Just a festival of death.


Getting on with getting older, this fucking festival of death... choose life !