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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cycles ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Cycles... cycles...cycles...

I am tired of weeping and ready for sleeping when the time so surely does appear,
times have been tough I need all of your all's love, 
and so close I need you each near. 

I keep on trying to push away that help so offered, 
so I can be miserable and all alone,
it seems this disease of death is contagious and alone I should keep it, 
until in time I turn to stone. 

Then ashes to ashes or dust to dust we return and cycle back through, 
no matter what any of this means in the final product, 
I have best shared my love completely with each and all of you. 

Today so thankful for love in my life, 
and healing as you each help me to further refine what it is that exactly is me,
you lift this old spirit and breathe life deep back within it, 
it is this spirit within thankful to you each that finally I may from myself now be. 

Set free, set free... 
Dear Lord keep me out of my own way may I now thrive as I pray... 
again and at last set free... 
let me now at peace and in this vessel remain a worker of good and performing your deeds...
from myself at last set free... 
set free... 
set free. 

The ego passes and falls away from this vessel,
now finally perfect a craft,
set free.