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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sweet Guitar ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ Mobiustripz

Sweet guitar how I love you so, 
when I can express my soul, 
and sweet guitar sometimes your a struggle, 
we dance both to and fro. 

Sweet guitar you have been my friend so long, 
as integral to me as my bones, 
sweet guitar sometimes when we play, 
I feel like its you I have never known. 

Sweet guitar thanks for your love, 
thanks for resonating my passionate soul felt sounds, 
sweet guitar sometimes I fail you in music, 
and sounding no good I should be thrown to the hounds. 

Sweet guitar I dream of those synchronous times, 
when you are an extension of my heart body soul and mind, 
sweet guitar I will always play you with desire,
as we struggle together until the end of time.