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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Fit A Fit A Fit ~ Lyric Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

disconnect and forget
all of this fucking myriad shit
the neurons exploding cant cope with it
all out of nerves coping mechanisms and wit
klonopam ecstasy lsd pcp a fit
a fit a fit a fit
a stuttering lisping slobbering fit
a fit a fit a fit
I'd shoot you but I am done wif' it
a fit a fit a fit
ritalin please and please be quick
quick quick quick
i am going to get so god damnend sick
i never cussed before
you get the gist
time is shot and i share my
please forgive my jabber and the occasional spit
drugs did this
drugs did this
can i have those drugs please
to adjust all of this
a temporary reliving shift
a shift i drift a rift
afloat i go a pilot on high in a race seat i sit
a shift i drift a rift
drugs can fix all of this
an adventure i dare may i have a hit
a hit a hit a hit
a killer song about some killer shit
about reading through lies and gettin' wif' it
drugs ain't no answer when consumed for escape
medicinal balance ohm oh O Ohm all that fits
disconnect and forget
blast off or stay
space dog says he has my back today
and all i seek on this journey i ride
is help me be extra cautious as i work hard in my arts and stay alive
do your due diligence
don't be the guinea pig
stupid ignorant and dense sick
be judicious in consumption and wise in it
share in confidence with others your pains
watch over one another refrain
heal a lot hurt so less relax a great deal a decent split
i end cheapened down once again another hit
another hit another hit another hit
glad that we all thought of this
face to face with friends legit
cant get no closer then from here i sit
another hit another hit another hit
drugs did this drugs did this
in my mind afloat adrift afloat adrift
just playin' games sober as shit
looking back but today legit
rokkinroll the code breaker
the gamer programmer that went the fuck off
and wrote all of dis !!!
In a narcotic emotional high as shit fit
A fit A fit A fix
A fix a fix a fix
in my mind for eveything i have a fix
many proven many times all of it
a fix a fix a fix
all found inside a fit a fit a fit
where I get lost in chemicals weaving all of this
where am I back in this rift
looking around waking on clouds
i love this view from here were i sit
alone on cotton high above all in a breeze in the sun no pain
my eyes now open and back on earth these wrist
i sometimes wish to wide open split
just crazinesss alll the timmeeeee
a fit a fit a fit