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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Spiritual Passage - Poetry

The very saddest of all possible ends,
is losing what was once such beautiful friends. 

Changing perspective looking for positive trends, 
Always weeding out in life all that is just pretend. 

What was once so taken in youth for granted with ease, 
it seemed old age in youth was as far away as the stars if you please, 
then suddenly with these gray hairs that accompany, 
realizing time's disappearing more rapid and steadily. 

Stay not consumed with such massive losses, 
always with planned adventures for time granted which remains, 
working with confidence over spiritual attacks, 
focusing even greater now towards gains.

I am always thankful for the time to share which remains, 
now all which remains, 
remains now forever together, 
together, together, forever, friends let's all remain. 

Sharing love and practicing forgiveness in an instant over pride, 
no longer consumed with hurt and pain and silly foolish lies,
Lord lift me up to your perspective so offered for strength in which to overcome, 
by your side these principles so conquer over, when away one use to run.