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Saturday, February 6, 2016

On Our Way To MathCounts

My Father is 84 and took a hard fall today. That man is still and always has been so much tougher then me its almost ridiculous. I thank God his fall has this far only proven to be a minor and insignificant incident not even noteworthy. He hit his head hard and I as his son know the truly hard head I myself do indeed have and think I must have inherited that trait from Dad 100% for sure. So I slept 4 hours before MathCounts regional competition today hosted by GMU, my college, and my high school's graduating classes service location. I profusely sweated and woke up in the night too and did so again once I was dressed in my slacks and dress shirt with tie this morning at 430 a.m. and I sweated off and on all day long soaking my upper clothing many times and then drying out in massive chills but otherwise felt impervious. My immune system is getting stronger because I studied some new Dr./scientist written peer reviewed studies confirming that the immune system basically resides in the stomach and is programmed by the DNA and that the microbiome if upset or missing or incomplete in any way can basically make the immune factory a chemical shy if being able to complete its task and therefore come to a screeching halt. Solution: Greek Yogurt plain with live active cultures and stay the hell far away from antibiotics. Well I am definitely stronger overall and this to me proves it as has a few other cold/flu like 24/48 hour illnesses that quickly passed and use to knock me out for a week minimum. So anyway we were both having it handed to us today but still appeared for our volunteer commitments and had a great time anyway. I am very thankful for that as what I witnessed as Dad fell this morning could have almost instantly sent me to the psychiatric ward as I would have been so instantly devastated  if what I thought I had watched happen actually happened. I prayed as I could do nothing more as my large but strong and firm 84 year old father tripped on a carpet leaving krispy kreme, where we got 15 dozen doughnuts and coffee for the wonderful event we both love to share with others, while leaving and he fell in the foyer and hit the wall with his head hard and firm with nearly full speed and momentum and seems thus far to be just fine. I am paying g careful attention to him and quizzing him often and discussing wonderful things as we always have looking carefully for any inconsistencies or threats. This after he thought I was having a heart attack this morning, but convinced him I was most definitely not. He hit hard and then was quiet and motionless a moment but kept his muscular elasticity still perfectly in control telling me he was conscience... Right? Or ? Is he ? Then the prayer and my Father instantly spoke and walked away nearly unscathed. Perception is an amazing thing infused with a blast of hormones under stress... but I know what I saw friends. Life is amazing and I honor my God today as I felt he spared my greatest hero by far and ever. I love you Dad. I love that we shared today and still have a chance at tomorrow and I thank you for having us serve well today alongside so many other fine people. I look forward to a well earned rest and pray I may annoy others with these Facebook posts for years to come and that we should all share that the same ;) I love you all my friends... It's not hard to love... It's hard to not love. I am thankful to have known so much love. Lord I ask you help me to be a better man today so I may guide others toward the live you share and the strength you offer, for without you I already have died again and again... and once again I testify a witness... Thankful for what I only step back from the shock of now finally hitting me with a little more objectivity and logic.  We, father and I, lost a friend just a few years ago as she fell upon the steps of the torpedo factory as she tripped and hit her head and passed away... all after an art class, she departed and today I am just thankful more deeply then I can express that my Father was so spared today. Thanks God... Thanks