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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Death With Dignity Dialogue

There is this place up on high where I reside and most others come to visit or live here nigh as I am no apple anymore of anyone's loving or caring eye as we all come here for a peaceful way to depart and die.

Is there much in asking for a little fucking dignity in death? Would it alarm you if I for example said I contemplate removing myself often and just how easily and cleanly I could do it with a note and a wait for an electronic scheduled email to report where my remains are restfully just naturally going back to another adventure so once again and of what of it?... Of what?

Would you now not speak to me really as nothing wrong I have never done to you and even if a great Christian man I was who I claimed to be always string for progress and living ideally in imperfection and on full acceptance of this grace and so much I kept always giving away and so much more to come my way again as all others knew I was a friend to many and never agreed except a rare over indulgence from fear of far too long with nought.

What if on this my mother's birthday I penned my own demise out loud for a future always in doubt so that I and others could slip away peacefully where and with who we chose then to be a burden and leach upon failing and honestly quite scary systems I would just assume not have any part of residing within and would therefore be best fit for the realm of the after life and not a moment to soon and to humanely sleep forever my soul will rocket finally now forth this shell so easily spent and what a machine she was that feminine in me most men just cannot concede.

It is nothing to concern a moment with as its neither imminent or planned perfectly or is already passed or past. No ones time here is forever and to leave with dignity is a request for God I defiantly demand for all those that may need grace upon their own personal exit and tragedy always just really a curtain call away. Who knows when the curtains man shall beckon?

I shall per a chance of luck maybe control a bit of thine destiny and be my own curtain calling man and have one final peaceful act and be not a burden to another nor my country I love but should these comments even come to bear and what have we all become damn it!

You think this lasts forever and trained so lose such identity that you forget who you yourself even are and speak never with any confidence and then within eye blinks you depart only having been enslaved but with a moment as now finally upon you that says damn it this is my life and I choose life and I understand simple laws of nature and innately also understand that there is a balance and to fight the vibrations through life is always fruitless. There are lessons when you just go with the flow and conserve your energy for when you need it over using it up when you have an indisputable zero control destiny type of situation we all know from experience or certainly will.

So now what do you think of me and this paradigm that shall so shift I demand? Death with dignity in terminally diagnosed diseased situations. A right to plan a departure if its logical and rational.

The conversation is now to open the mind and change in flexibility and adapt to start doing what is right and natural and more beautiful in the overall balance.

If I have a choice I will die with my dignity and I need no organization of any kind to give me permission. My God gives me permission if I should so have to exercise it and also suggests to each their own to, but for all at least a fair and equal choice at dignity.

I have promised I will become vocal and educated and open minded about this topic in every aspect and that I would use my voice and intellect and talents and abilities and connections and experience to become the catalyst for the conversation we need to have now before we cannot and the answer is no,... There never is a good time. However, the time is now and today to allow all citizens in our country to be simply allowed to choose to pass away with dignity.

My wishes are my body decomposes on an FBI science body farm in Georgia and I go back into the earth close to where my artistic beautiful mother was raised and I can get started looking for her and my friends as we possess light waves and particles of radiant energy  and we ride moon beams and dance on star light and swim in galactic surf and continue to evolve however the universe calls us all forth and always with such dignity.

I pray for all to have that right to a death planned and with dignity upon the diagnosis of any non-treatable terminal disease.

It is 2016! Why wait any longer to have the dialogue we needed to discuss eons ago?

So I am happy and relatively healthy but experience says a plan is wise and for anyone to ever suffer what I just witnessed a loved one suffer, well on my Mother's birthday, I declare we discuss this in the United States of America and internationally too so that the discussion can quickly efficiently end with a choice undeniable to anyone at the end of life.

I am not going to wait any longer to say what I believe and stand for it loud and clear and challenge anyone head-on to a debate and will happily learn of any better alternative and will open mindedly consider any such argument as long as it is to promise dignity when such a controlled ending may actually be guided carefully to come to its inevitable end but now more easily and without such fruitless gruesome suffering.

Now I could go to my place in those woods and make others wait and wonder and scared and wasting countless manhours or I could just have my dignity and depart?... and really would you or a forgiving loving modern God really be angry ?

I will hear the birds and the waterfall nearby and have my dog by my lap and enjoy our supper and my concoction to fade away with timed to sunset and a last meal with my buddy. I will ease my eyes shut one last time and in pure confidence that my ending is secure and my business finished and goodbyes sweet as I push forward in anticipation nearly of what just ahead us each awaits.

See you there friend.