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Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunny Days - a Short Story - MobiusTripz

written on my ancient i4 with my blogger App.

... And then I said out loud, " it's fucking raining? It's fucking raining??? Really? Like fucking now what?

And so as I eased that curtain back to peer outside while my damned computer stubbornly ceased to stop working but I can type all this shit here in this app on my ancient iPhone i4 in this year 2016,... Well what did I expect to see?
AthCpunts on just days... So much to do!!! Life getting full! And I am scared to soar! I have been so weak and ill and never thought I may come back! 

And so what did I expect to see on this winter day was a sunny day from my imagination where I most often stay because it's safe and I am an artist and I like to stay close toy discordant reality in this parallel universe.

Can I ever make it in my own again? I am so very close but scared.  So what of thought do you offer this all I propose and have you not somewhere been along this way?

But I at age 48... I need that sunny day. I yearn for that often sunny day. Right now I get back hard at work while I focus and often pray. Work, focus, and often pray. 

I need that sunny day! Let's all find that sunny day! Together let's all work hard and find that sunny day.

Bachelor Auction coming soon and yet I have to travel 300 miles and be where I volunteer elsewhere and still want to visit a friend in Springfield, wv on just a few days, so my mind does race, as I write, and look forward to these so busy days.

And to see Rhonda with her father after not at all for well over 30 years... I always pray, and I see miracles true, and so I always continue to pray. I myself, I can walk today, in pain so furious but I can walk today, so I pray.

So I open that window all the time and plant seeds towards those sunny days. I never fucking give up and over tears not beers I pray and I see up ahead a ton of sunny days, as a matter of fact nothing but sunny days. And still I pray.

I have concerts to attend and shows to watch explode with creativity that I created and what awesomeness this all shall be. I have other shows where I have pitched in a little inexperienced and somewhat guided but still blindly... My friends allow me to be me!

Back to work writing and reading and studying and creating and building is my daily grind I live so field by coffe so black and dark and mysterious like often destiny, so often destiny. 

Drink it all in and look ahead for those future lucid sunny days, playing naked in the rays, bathing in a psychedelic haze, into the sun let's all now gaze.

Into the sun, into the sun, into the sun, I cast my past darker ways and days, and to the sun, and to the son He, I offer all my life I have today, and I remain humble and thankful for today.

It rains and nourishes outside while the ice and snow so melt and that cycle continues and we all work hard towards those sunny days, up ahead, those sunny days!