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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Hippies Are All Breeding ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

While you are all uptight,
and counting your money over there,
the hippies are all breeding,
and teaching love,
and the battle is in the education,
and there is no win in fighting anymore,
because you only fight the children,
and the children are not a canvas to ruin,
and not a canvas to play with,
and not a canvas to destroy,
and so teach that love too,
and forget fucking sinful money,
all corrupt,
all sick and blood tainted,
and be a hippy and breed,
and teach love and stop fighting,
go ahead smoke some weed,
and give back on a local level,
take care of that which you share with others,
and leave old republican ideas to die at the fire pit,
know love and leave behind silly foolish warrior ways,
a paradigm shifts,
as the hippies know so now make love and lets breed,
and the majority is now that paradigm,
which all think different now,
and you could be the stupid un-evolving foxnewshead sheeple idiot moron now,
the un-evolved stay here,
as the rest move on and share,
and build the dream within the mind,
that knows no defeat and builds on the outside,
a better life in which to fortify,
and a body to bear witness to what is healthy,
and beautiful friends to prove a better way,
and so we wait as others truly just die off,
and this new way becomes the only way,
and we change how everything now works,
and yet on this same foundation still sit,
we are united and not divided,
and we know that we have rights that we have to earn,
and we are not entitled but rather guaranteed,
a certain life and livelihood and better chances,
at mere longevity and promised we may voice these,
ideas and concerns without attack on character,
or anything else as a matter of fact,
and I have changed myself to stay and so evolve,
while many of my comrades behind so stubbornly fall !,
never opening their eyes they run blindly towards death flailing,
almost as if this is what they desire,
this heroes' death.
s plural because that line of sacrifice of the human flesh,
never so seems to cease,
and Czar himself would command this by day and at night feast,
so gluttonous leaving others out,
and yet we repeat like cowards,
paralyzed and like children not allowed,
to exercise our better judgement and take care of one another close,
and stop letting our government fight and always boast,
and so we may mature now on this international stage,
and stop being a playground bully,
a child so full of rage,
always hurting our brothers and sisters,
as a country this is nothing but a disgrace,
a leader has examples to peace permanently,
and the wars must stop which we constantly wage,
and my time is running short,
and what else have I learned,
and what is this meaning to life,
what purpose as on both ends this candle still now burns,
but I feel a breeze blowing, and stronger it does now get,
and in an instant not long from now,
I have to shed all guilt and drop regrets,
as the wind then stiffens and the flames fight,
against a certain strength stronger then they can ever muster,
the flames finally fade out,
and a trail of smoke leaves a trail across space time,
a long farewell of sorts,
as we each turn to particle and back through,
we all cycle yet once again,
so where would you like to be?
On a point of a war head irradiated,
or in the sunlight,
of a mountain meadow bee kissed pollinated,
dew drenched daisy?
I am that child,
son of a warrior and,
son of an artist she,
and I choose the daisy,
but stand by so guardedly,
so very guardedly,
so that anothers' candle may burning remain,
s plural again,
so I think first of others,
not of only selfish me,
of only selfish me!
So what does it all mean,
so what does it all mean?...
the hippies are all breeding,
yet still the message,
to some still unseen,
to some still unseen,
enjoy this life,
and harm not another,
and teach and live these principles,
to the best of ability,
the majority will eventually always rule,
who is that majority?,
be that majority,
make love that majority.
The hippies are all breeding,
Breeding love, breeding love,
making love, making love,
making love that majority,
love is the majority,
love a majority,
making love,
the hippies are all breeding.