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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Running Marathons

If, as other animals, we had to be in incredible shape to survive... do you think you should be in such great shape as much as in... always ready, at a moment's notice, to run a marathon?

My instinct says that is true and it amazes me what an organized mass of human beings can accomplish, much yet seemingly quite easily survive.

I once was fast like lightning and enjoyed sprinting in my youth. The distance runner I never was. I am under doctor orders to not run ;( ...not even on a treadmill. My spine and I shan't say more.

I am 48 and have a few of fiends that run marathons. My hat's off to you. I quit smoking after 20 years and anyone that says it does no damage is a complete idiotic moron! I may break those doctor's orders, as I am still rebellious and just want to have great aerobic exercise.

Introduce the bicycle, and my life starts to cycle back again, if I am lucky 96.

I'd quite like that, and a run or two, and to go to space... A few times if I don't just outright move.

And as I listen to Bowie and think as just as nutty as ever I wonder... if I could become my spirit manifest within the net like Tron, would I ???... and shed this failing vessel I drag along in a complete act?

Am I not already a projection of sorts? Just energy and light? Matter? Spacetime. Am I just data illuminated across many planes?

Does an animal, other then a human being, think anything like this at all? Look what we have done just organized even while still often slovenly. What we can achieve as a potential is amazing and perhaps incalculable however possible if we all are for just a moment in spiritual unison realizing we are all each another at different places in spacetime. Our spirit truly one.

What would you do if you found yourself in a movie theatre, realizing you had just watched your entire life you thought real?

What animals without human help live a fantastic and un-threatened existence while fat and out of shape like us? None I can think of. Not even close, but happy as can be as animals typically are.

Life, just marathons of light across spacetime, and we, just strange alien observers spinning along. Why are we even here?


The sacred geometry to a spiral galaxy but what of another type? Think of that over an Oreo Double Stuffed! Sugar, it does a brain good !!!