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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Evaporative Thoughts of Reality from Illusion

Friends, like life, totally illusory.

The past and future also not at all real just like this and every or any other instant.

Projected illusion.

So now think about those supposed gravitational waves proposed by Einstein and finally proven when first detected 101 years later in 2016.

So is that black hole fake? That galaxy over there?? By language and scientific definition yes, but by the fact that we quantify them, what?

Since childhood and from seemingly nowhere of experience a thought came from with created seemingly elsewhere about us being delicate and just a piece of dust in balance elsewhere, best we be careful and steadfast. When nearly dying from asthma you have deep everlasting thought that transcends time. I am certain I am not anywhere near alone. 

Then these feelings. How real is feeling? Experience? Light and shadows and across something of varying thickness so projected.

Can we quantify attributes of projections and have projections across spacetime that appear to the observer somewhere within to possibly be happening slowly in some dimensions?

Is it indeed shadow and light this beautiful gift we reside in?

But I am who I am, so it must be real! And who is this voice that thinks and resides with me?

He is also he who I project just as in the universe I reside and where my DNA is the very light and the shadow of what is perceived as life today itself.

Then this RNA, like a microfiche decoder puts it all once again into play, a show projected for all to see, and one day the lights all must go out, every show indeed has an end.

Got to just adore Leonard Susskind's story. What a hell of a projection. Not just a stupid plumber !!! Stereotypes!!!

And upon this stage of now, this moment, with a black backdrop behind as a horizon of dusk, I bow in my dying days coming ever now quicker and I depart to cross the stratosphere and then into deep outer space and even further as I escape across the ether in an instant on a light beam to a long awaited reunion with so many... so it seems.

So it all seems.