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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Machine Body - An Oration

Butter, cream, and vanilla bean,
All flavors divine, flavors that renew,
Coconut, banana, and papaya y mango,
Tropical essences taste buds dancing with health so true.

Greek yogurt oh how you I adore,
Just some raisins cinnamon and sugar,
Or kiwi and raspberry and fresh blueberry too, probiotics a friend to the immune system enzymes at work.

Kale and strawberries cut with water and some stevia, freshly reblended again now with ginger. Add two oranges and taste the splendor, healing nutrients now are rendered.

Alongside mechanisms, these probiotics I mention again, like little nanotechnology sub programs, they enable other chemical reactions to take place as facilitators and instructors alike.

Without these existing as in far too many people today, an immune system does not exist or is repressed because it dies bot have in the body the raw materials otherwise to mend the body, ourselves, the collective organism of countless organisms ourselves all under our own management, to a degree.

Then cook some broccoli with beef and carrot and ginger and fresh turmeric. Use a light hoisin sauce at the end to marry all the inhabitants in the dish. Go heavy on the veggies and light in the beef and reconsider what is proper balance.

Utilize energy to heal or to get ill. Utilize energy to heal the body or to further break down and waste extra fuel and store as fat which takes a lot if work or to process and excrete which also takes a lot of work.

Be the animal inside ready to be light and run and eat well with respect and when so able and always thankful to above for the bounty, remember it is about anything but the self. Healing comes from others.

The plant I consume says where I am ill so I listen in peace and concentrate on imperfect harmonies that need attention, this body older now a skeletal cacophony. This meat I consume I ask for it to empower and heal and thank you for the life so taken now offered that I may eat.

The fat is essential but intricate and difficult to both carry and breakdown. The fat is to consume lightly and carry less of unless nature otherwise dictates.

The body as a Machine has a very specific life span, just study telomeres and calculate out a life of any human under perfect conditions and you know the high end of that range.

As a Machine we wear and without renewal become old and without updates maybe even obsolete to run the same old software. Part of our programing is to multiply and evolve leaving not too many old behind. Enough old though to carry a culture and a generation forward to not repeat mistakes.

Our body is not made to process so much food, for we should be sleek and athletic like a deer. In their world fat is an instant death sentence. Why are we not more in touch with how out of balance we have become and why do we consider ourselves so above Sodom and Gomorrah?

Our bodies are resilient but cannot be forgiving forever. If you get into or close to your fifth decade and have had some mishaps well it gets pretty damn tough. Stick around long enough and you have stories that are hard to believe. Try watching o practice moderation and safety in everything you do. Every single action.