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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Seed

Your mission is that you are a seed with a mission.

How would you program your own life if you could and what message would you carry and what purpose would you like to have and what traits to hone these skills, your craft?

What would it take to activate some of your programming that would make you even more effective immediately? Perhaps just these very precise and exact words for your thoughts.

How would you look ahead, and what tools would you utilize to maneuver safely forward while cruising over these waves and riffs of spacetime?

What do you envision in your episode of life and what would be a graceful or worthwhile ending? You get one try to make this a great show.

Would you like your program to self terminate or run again with corrections and adjustments?

Would you like to be able to view any moment from the past that you wanted anytime you desired once you leave "The Seed"?

If you could be any seed at all what would you be? A particle? A dog? An amoeba? A virus? A stone? A comet? And how would you travel?

What do you see?