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Thursday, February 18, 2016

What's On My Mind? - A Short Story of Dynamic Truth

So facebook asks...

What's on my mind?  

I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately and so really there's a lot on my mind. The funny thing is the place where the people are acting out the most as if earth shattering things are happening are really volunteering at the same place I am where our work is absolutely the least most significant in this world and therefore there are much greater things up on my mind then these things which I find rather entertaining but what else would one expect from a theatre. So there's lots of fuel for future art and that was all I really ever wanted was to share making art with other artists and so we do some in the shadows and some and of the light but all friends to me. Plan to all friends to me forever as all of my artist friends always have been and always will be. Perhaps someone funny recollection I can share is when one artist friend thought it was hysterical and stated that she could not believe how much we all could accomplish, this group of artists, this group of pure narcissist. Let me just tell you I've never heard a room of such evil laughter, and the funniest thing is it's hard to tell who was laughing from their heart and soul and he was just really acting. What is an actor? What is art? I like to write from there for many of these words may be totally made up and fantasy and the beautiful thing is is that they are the catalyst to your imagination so what fantasy did you see from how you know me vs what is really going on in my life today. It's really fun just to imagine. Write something interesting that draws the reader in and take them on an adventure away for just a moment so that you can let them know that you care enough to give them a moments away from stress so that the mind of May 8th and we all make it a little laughter in the end and enjoy the show. What a really beautiful and great show that I could think of no better way than to spend it with you each. Love

The laugh is voice recognition above unedited.