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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ethereal Destinies - Poetry / Lyric - MobiusTripz

Looking forward and upward with respect,
Towards that future which will be my destiny,
Paved on two golden highways of energy up ahead so heavenly,
It should all be so obvious the way things always proceed and continue to unfold.
Our choices looking similar eventually and leading to the same worthwhile and good to the earth and our species kind of goals.
The Sun above offers this all to embrace, hold, appreciate, and share so be careful as you tread and be kind to others and let's all share moving forward and forget quick shortcomings now forever past no lies at all ever again told.
Let's forgive where lessons are yielded even in action oblivious to the greater good if youth and insanity overtake or perhaps similar to the French with their laws of passion, as we have gone so mad  of course,... so close death, next mold.
If I see this up ahead  I am on that side of what humbles us each eventually and always in spacetime as it passes by so leave behind your sins, your personal gold.
Make each move with the knowledge of that which giveth and which too cam and will and does taketh away? Our star, given of life, our Father, the sun, and the sun came he flesh the son. He knows every which way up ahead and your past too as once alive he did to exactly as you go. He knows you within no secrets can be cast anymore, you where such wicked words as naked and unclothed.
The energy is already in the ether to tap into if you can stop the silly games and surrender and give in to that inner drawing you each like me know or once knew, or will soon surely come to know!
The energy is in the ether all around,
Compacted energy stored and trapped waiting all around in nuclear fission and fusion,
For now so stored.

Data !
Molecular balls of energy and light and forces of what shall so become another blur yet we seem to live in speed so low?
... or is that a statement?
Letz rollz,
Salad in a bowl,
Letz roolz and rollz,
Smoky haze kingdom i own,
Looking for my queen as I go,
Let's rollz and roolz and rollz,
And rollz, and rollz,
And rollz.

Let me tell you all about faith for the soul.
Shift the paradigm, move the mountains, Michael row our boat ashore, let's row, let's row, let's row,... row, row, row, row, row, row, row, row, row, row, tow, row, row, row, row, row, row.
If here your eyes now rest and this brings it all home better stewards we must become one and all and you inheterit the earth and so this upon you I do bestow.
Soon it will be time to leave and live all of my wildest dreams from deep upon that other side which from where no one shall return but rather onward on that light si travel an energy force always moving along and traveling to see the universe and could be reaching for your hand and even right now knocking on your door.
I am so thankful today for a great place to lay my head as I rest and to know o have a safe place to share and nourish good things on life. I am thankful to have a home and be sleeping not on ground but within a home with a solid wooden proper floor.
Twinkling horizons ahead bathing me o sparkle in warm light as I choose between left and right and this is how it allwayz goes, and this iz how I rollz.
This is how I rollz,
This is how I rollz,
This is how I rollz,
This is how I rollz.
And as the matter I had formerly inhabited departed it's form my vessel,
It flew through the air as glitter,
Sparkling and shining and catching beams of light and casting it in rainbows all of that present and future way.

See you somewhere up ahead like always or will be glad to see you when we do soon meet.
This is how I rollz.