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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lift Off - Poetry - MobiusTripz

Telomere, hemisphere, universal language, Latin, flexible everywhere.

Metacarpal, interior cruciate, psilocybin, neuron, impulses, all sensors and systems go.

I'm on the pad readying for my final blast off and into the ether forevermore is where I will reside.

My spine no longer a bother, my mind free of its screaming and agonizing and forever over thirty years of pain why did not anyone ever listen to me or did technology finally catch up with me through innovative science, damn it I don't want again to be sliced.

Cervical ribs twice and impingement too yet walk do I and leave professionals so confused a broken neck and yet determined to onward move I fucking demand and stronger once again I am becoming and surgery I shall not as suggested yet have, but soon again as I still away technology and such innovation and the impact less new procedures that will be as I cannot stand and more long term pain and misery.

Also at a third a rate quicker in measure do I metabolize then is so average, I am in everyway the genetic freak and imperfect so each we are. Programming is our DNA, and as Betas with flaws, we fly through spacetime imperfect.

We then build our own ships to sail aloft and in flight now are all things in which I am constructing with others currently and we are artists all at peace and sailing now perpetually a system together one to produce the art that is in that inner eye above seeing all which we share, this mutual perspective and it's following projection.

On auto pilot all systems finally together united now cruise.

Do you not see we are purely a thinking and holographic universe? We project within and then often follow on the outside thus shaping our lives.

Time to get in unison and work collectively with others and construct a positive legacy together.

We rebuild not from the ashes as if we continue to wait as the Phoenix, but rather well before and now,  !!! , as this is the moment I do declare, !!!, a new and better world as we shift our thinking immediately you now understand.

Latin in English and all languages powerfully reprograms the mind and then the DNA like recording puzzles of experience. All really can be a confusing and a cryptic record from this perspective. From the ether all data shall be easily accessible, viewable, and easily fully understand stood in every perspective. Knowledge becomes innate. Instinct and intuition to the billionth power, !!! , soaring easily as if with wings when we are the Light above and across the universe on beams of light we ride swift and fast! We change and bring what is needed as we shift and so evolve into the environment where we so decide to stay.

If we can utilize faith the size of mustard  seed to move a mountain, as it is so very powerful, don't you have faith then that if we all think differently we can then in an instant shift an entire cultural and historical paradigm about hoe we do things and what we think collectively about topics... so that we change an entire world much larger then moving a mountain !

We are now through cloud computing quickly becoming a world conscience and it is more powerful perhaps then anything before it we have seen !

Will we bow down to a leader that is from artificial intelligence and listen to the insanity that would eventually ensue ?

Mark these words as the mark, I know well the beast is close.

I will now Latin think upon great pasts such as Rome and travel in my mind to places far away. On another planet I shall fly this ship, land and make musical history. Do you want to fly with me?

Insanitorium, delirium, equilibrium, lithium, synaptic impulses, Lyrica, same again, fentanly less pain less insane, yes I declare equilibrium, give me a break as I near 50 and age fast and feel brittle and no longer at youth but now old and feeble and thin, I ran to home plate and I dove like I always do and I gave anything and everything my all again and again.

Icarus, he flew to high, and I never high enough, but write and write and write did I, will Swygert now be in lore after my time has past and my name here replaces this vessel aloft in the ether.

I prepare and strap in on this adventure to Mars and I know that the new birth there from my own stem cell and me being the first of an entire colony is an amazing idea, and so from there next and until then this is my last word. Love