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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Luna and Mrs. Pretty Star - A True Short Story

My Miss Luna is a little bit over a year now in age. She has many toys that we play with together and I have decided I'm going to start naming them. I want to test her ability to learn the names of many different things and see if she can distinguish one from another witch she is already showing very eager and early progress .

The first few toys she had to before the game haven't developed names yet but we're working on that, but the first one I introduced with a name was Mrs. Pretty Star.

She is a pretty blue star with a yellow shiny smiling face and a bow. Luna liked Mrs. Pretty Star a lot and she would go fetch her by name which she learned very quickly and we played with Mrs. Pretty Star often and i made a point to emphasize that we were going to be very gentle. I wanted to make sure she knew Mrs. Pretty Star was different and was not to be played with roughly last ke the other toys.

Mrs. Pretty Star stayed on the bed with us and slept with us each night. One day I decided to make sure that Luna knew that Mrs. Pretty Star was very special to me. I did this because Miss Luna was being pretty rough with Mrs. Pretty Star and when I scolded her and held Mrs. Pretty star and gave her a kiss, well, Luna looked very bewildered towards me.

The next couple of days I made sure I paid attention to Mrs. Pretty Star and I talked to Mrs. Pretty Star just like I talk to Luna, and I made sure I told Luna to stay away, just like I tell her to when I eat, just for discipline's sake, because she is young and impressionable and learning how to take lessons, and she so wants to please that she has been very very attentive to her listening skills.

So needless to say, she knew I really admired Mrs. Pretty Star and she became jealous quick. Soon after that jealousy I saw that Mrs. Pretty Star was no longer ever on the bed anymore and just recently I've learned that Ms. Luna has hidden Mrs. Pretty Star, with a collection of other things, underneath the bed at her special little place.

One thing nice about having a king size bed that's elevated quite high is that my dog has this incredible area to make all her own, and she certainly has, and I'm actually really happy for that.

But, oh poor Mrs Pretty Star.