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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Super Emotional Today - You Too ???

I have been busy all day long for 14 hours straight and I have been so deeply emotional today out of the ordinary and so appreciative of life it is quite extraordinary for me to have this incredible energy over my physical pains and to be driven 2 get more organized so that I can maximize this wonderful Sunny season upon us after a long cold winter. I have been in deep reflection today and thinking of my mother that I miss and perhaps it's because that time is coming that I promised I would not Mark in my mind or on the calendar, that day she departed comma that same day that the greatest artist of all time, William Shakespeare, was born and died. It was a beautiful and perfect spring day and what other way would an artist depart with a message so sweet? And on the day of her funeral at West Point I saw seven rainbows with my brother a West Point graduate himself as my witness and each of us alongside of my niece Stephanie. So again today I am in deep reflection and think so many people for picking me up in carrying me when I was caving in and weak and hurting myself. Thanks for letting me stumble along stubbornly like always but without falling on my face for a change. I promise you I'm being so much better to myself today and that I finally appreciate life the way I should because I'm getting tired of say goodbye to so many so often I am really trying my best to create what's left that seems to be disappearing so increasingly faster all of the time. You're always precious to me and I only wish I had more of myself and my time and other promising gifts to offer so that life would be better for us all. I pray for you each to have balance in your life and the feeling of accomplishment and of knowing love and having a personal understanding of love that we all know within and that which has the highest of energy, power, and creation... call it what you will.. but please don't fight over it. I pray to the highest of Energies and respect in my own ways the principles I have learned the way I have learned them in my life and I equally do my best to respect that of others and the way they have embraced them in their own life of doing well to others. I pray that we go further and become stronger with culture and education so that made we may treat one another better and better. I pray that this finds you well and I thank you each for all that you have done so that I can at least get back to this place of progress where I am today looking to once again be fully self-supporting but having a difficult time finding my way. I don't think I have ever been so scared in some respects but I also don't feel like I've ever been this Brave either. Well the adventure is always exciting I have to say that much for sure and I pray for the strength to go on a lot longer. I hope whatever it is that your dreams are that they are right there at your fingertips to enjoy and absorb slowly with all of your family and friends may this dream last and last and may I see you in the dream soon. Thanks my friends I love you each so.

So again is anybody else super emotional today right now March 29th 2016?

Anybody else feeling super super emotional and introspective today as much as I am? This is extraordinary out of the ordinary how intense this is. I am going to go look at my astrological charts because it sure seems like something is amiss. I'm really curious who else feels this today. I have had extraordinary energy as well. And working on things for about 14 hours straight in very focused and directed which I quite appreciate and have missed. Healing is offering me perhaps a hint at what it would look like if I could once again hitting my stride and be self-supporting which I see clearly but have had a difficult time stumbling along.... But I am getting closer as I inch forward on my planned path and progress is getting closer and closer as well. Perhaps I am super fired up coming out of this winter because I sure am looking for the sunny season and cannot wait for all the outdoor musical events this year I will be attending with family and friends for alone. I'm going to be going to classical stuff, hip hop stuff, local stuff, National stuff, Jazz stuff, Blues Stuff, dance stuff, and stuff, and be making my own music at home with friends, and having a picking party in the backyard of the Fall. 2016 is about the music and the Arts and that is where I look To Live outside of focusing more and more on my own Artistic Endeavors while spending time with my immediate family and in particular my father. I am working hard on focusing on eating well and healing and never ever drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette again. I am not looking for Kudos as I should have been doing these things all of my life and I know I will pay dearly for my mistakes. That doesn't mean after that realization that I'm going to pay dearly for them that I don't have to even pay more. We all have the ability to change if you believe in yourself and you have faith. Faith to me is the proof that God exists because God promises that with faith we will get to the place up ahead that we see in our Mind's Eye where things are as we only can dream today. God promises that that tomorrow will be fitting to the overall dream. It is never easy and it's not always as planned but that is how life has felt to me anyway. I'm not interested in speaking about religion at all either I am simply just trying to share what I feel and don't expect anybody else to feel that way however if they understand as well too, that is wonderful to know as she likes to be alone?. I just feel comfortable with what I consider the greater energy and I have a wonderful line of communication that I work on daily and try to seek balance through that channel and others and work on building a better life on a daily basis. I hope this message finds each of you well and that you each are focused on your family and friends and your wonderful hobbies and that you never have a dull moment and that you nourish yourself with only the finest of foods which can also be the best of meals cooked with love and healthy ingredients so that we only have the finest fuel for the body and mind to work at its peak efficiency and further help our production in life and in turn again to further help us to be of service elsewhere in organizations or to others however may be needed in our community. Volunteerism is greatly needed and there are more organizations than I can list that definitely need volunteer help the reach out today to an organization that makes sense to you because of your own experiences and call them and let them know that you have some time in your hand and you would do anything to offer a few hours to the benefit of the organization so that their mission may be met. I am housing volunteerism because it is a way to surround yourself with wonderful people that are determined and also understanding. These are the people that have saved me personally, and it is they who I choose to follow and try to surround myself with...not that they are all one Collective...but these people are many... and most often do not know one another...although there are many wonderful overlapping friendships that are quite amazing to see when it is realized.

Do introspective and emotional today ... You too?