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Friday, March 18, 2016

Reply to Friend / Rant with Strong Points

I don't disagree, knowing you have a sharp mind and high well rounded intellect. I don't think the majority of the population are even close in that regard, and a lack of education is the definition of ignorance and the root of many a problems today. These are the same that lack self motivation, obviously, but my point is that we have a factory like welfare system that often leads no where are far as up and out because quite frankly it does not exist currently. Factory like because it teaches generationally how that system works and the other fact is that it is the less educated in society that have more children and cannot care for them well if at all far too often very sadly. That is the factual direction we have been heading in for a very long time now, so long you may indeed call it a trend in these economic conditions. We outsourced our country and started caving in from there. No one fucking even paid attention while the planned pilfering began, and then the mortgage market and prime lending rate manipulation without much just cause which Greenspan has now admitted to being an absolutely massive failure and huge error in his judgement while serving. I was flabbergasted to watch him clearly and concisely state these remarks.  It has now spread like wildfire fire as a handful of companies reaped TRILLIONS of dollars. Small town America crashed and burned perfectly alongside the new Wal-Marts emerging ! This was the hard core nose dive at the beginning of the dumbing down. People still fall for it but finally we have far better alternatives. Companies like Wal Mart and MC Donald's can go F themselves. They are not American to me because of worker treatment (predominantly Walmart) and feeding the population completely crap food (McD) ! People overall are so absolutely fucking stupid ! No ? The money paid by the federal government to many recipients often gets spent up in these superstores that cater especially to elderly and handicapped being able to shop once a month. Disabled folks getting checks from funds that puts a country in debt and then spending these funds far too often at companies that outsource labor for cheap production to market the least expensive merchandise to financially form a monopoly or bullying type of organization with buying power to dictate pricing and set entire marketplaces which they can then in turn run and guarantee as they provide the steady and solid flow of, hamburger let's say. You get the point somewhere,... they steal from the country and give us (majority of the population) crap product and / or nutrition. The $$$ is what votes ! That has to change.... Be well amigo and eat and rest well. Less bad input = better positive output, if the first law of physics is correct then so that is too. End rant ... Puff... Puff... Puff... Zzz