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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sonic Vaporizer Review - Medical Marijuana - MobiusTripz

If you are going to use any type of product that you need to burn and then inhale comma you are about as retarded as a caveman if you continue to do so the same way.

There is a new way to enjoy certain materials and it is through modern science and innovation that we Comanche these materials with the use of a vaporizer today. The vaporizer I will be speaking about today is made by Sonic which is located in California in the United States of America.

The Sonic vaporizer as one of the finest vaporizers on the market today. It has a ceramic chamber that has a variable range operating temperature and a door that seals with a rubber gasket.

Once the battery is fully charged after you open your new package and plug your unit into a wall outlet the next step is to pack material into the ceramic chamber and then gently close the door, turn the unit's power switch on, set the temperature you desire and I very highly recommend absolutely do not start of of 390 degrees if you're not familiar with this unit comma and then simply inhale when the red call for heat lights turns green, which indicates that it is all systems go and indeed time to enjoy.

I have been testing a (two now) Sonic vaporizer for over a year now. This is a unit that is designed in California and made in China. I love its overall function and find that function absolutely perfect InDesign. However I will say the build is a completely different animal and dislike it as much as I like the design. I have had to buy two already and need a third now. I used my device daily and that is several times a day however I am extremely careful with it and properly use and to maintain it each and every time. Below in the body of this review you will find my design ideas that I admire as well as the flaws that I will shred to pieces and the recommendations that I have. When you are on the threshold or the cusp of a new business Frontier you would think that you would want all of your clients to know your name and equally know that you make only the finest product. This is the finest designed products however it is the most poorest made and with the least expensive casing that technology has to offer and so on a technology rating I give it a ten on a scale of 1 to 10. And on a scale of 1 to 10 on materials I give it a go 30. I give it a 3. The overall scale or rating is going to be the average of those two numbers because I think that is only fair but with that I will give a final rating which is the usability scale of the product when it is in perfect condition and that will be more of a single number that signifies Form and Function combined through use. So in this particular case I'm going to give you a hyphenated two digit number and that will be significant of what I have described above. 7.5 - 10 this is the Swygert Scale of Vaporizer Quality, as I will be reviewing these units often.

Im may edit and add to this from time to time but all edits will be notated with the date of the actual addition.

Design Pros:

Light and portable

Rechargeable battery.

Variable range operating temperature which I use personally from 390 to 428 degrees

Light indicating system that changes colors for specific indication


The cleaning brush needs to be also be made out of high temperature resistant nylon strands or a very thin gauge stainless steel strands which would be preferable. The plastic strands that is made out of today milk and most people are not going to be patient enough for it to the units to cool off before reloading the chamber.

The battery life is short. A huge flaw is that this does not have extra batteries for sale and a door to take the battery in and out of so that you can change it. This could easily be the largest design flaw of all behind the bodies material. I love that it's rechargeable and really just personally wouldn't it if it was twice the size just because it needed to be to have the larger battery it would be that worthwhile to me.

The second worst flaw to me is the very inexpensive power switch that is utilized on this unit. It is a very nice slide style which I do like, it is just the quality of the switch itself. It cannot last with daily used, meaning used several times in a single day, and brakes usually within 3 to 4 months. I do appreciate that even with the switch completely broken and parts falling out and missing the unit still turns on immediately when you plug it into the wall no matter where are the switches like I said it's missing pieces even if it still turns on and still functions this way. However of course you lose your portability function completely when this happens. This which is absolutely got to be upgraded. I think what would be smarter is the push button should be connected to a chip that lets you press once long to power on and then once again to ask the unit to call for heat comma meaning to turn the heater on in the coil around the ceramic chamber so that it can heat up the material inside to the desired temperature and then its subsequent use once ready.

The rubber gasket that seals the middle Farrell in the doorway should be made from a high temperature oring that is able to be very simple it replaced and it can be mounted inside of a Groove at the top of the ceramic chamber or the group could be made into a piece of metal pressed into the body housing area near, meaning of the top of, the ceramic chamber.

Body needs to be a high heat resin so that there will be no cracking near the metal Farrell on the door.

The body needs to also be high impact resistant plastic so that if it is dropped it can handle that as well as just provide the user a stronger body overall and therefore a guaranteed longer life.

Another flaw that I would have to mention is the mouth piece is a glued into the middle Ferrell that then screws on to the hinge door. The hinged door is held to the body with a single dowel rod metal hinge through the doors single centerpiece of the hinge and connects to the bodies to end pieces that are hollow inside where the whole is for the hinge to slide into place. The tabs are on a plastic strip that is semi flexible that looks which is screwed on to the body with Torx bit micros cruise. I love this design and this finish however the door cannot take the heat and the cheap inexpensive plastic it is made out of snaps at the fish in almost making the whole unit which is a hundred dollars worthless.

The mouthpiece eventually becomes loose and comes out of the metal Farrell because it is glued into place and the school also cannot handle the high temperature. The mouse peace eventually becomes loose and comes out of the metal of Ferrell because it is glued into place and this glue also cannot handle the high temperature. What would be ideal is due have the rubber to being have a nice woven still flexible Misha round it and then to be fitted into the Ferrell and then properly pressed and sealed in place where to cannot then come apart again. The top could have a nice little and washable mouthpiece that could be sterilized in alcohol, as this needs this and is absolutely imperative. I totally believe 100 percent that they rubber piece is non surgical and therefore could absorb germs and the virus is that can cause illness and pass in this from one person to another more easily. Is type of device can promote that type of happened stance and cleansing assistant amount for a great product and a must with this.

With the above topic it could stand to come with a good cleaning kit as well however a q-tip and rubbing alcohol do wonders and our super inexpensive also. If I own this company I am building accessories like a leather caring case, I cleaning kit, different color accessories, I'm thinking trendiness is and fashion way it comes to this type of devices these will be extremely info again Super short order.

When I first opened a beautiful box that it came in. I was impressed with the carrying case and the nice instruction booklet as well as the extra screens provided which are composed of stainless steel into never can burn through. A

The performance is absolutely incredible and the biggest drawback to this unit is that it doesn't last more than 3 months however if they would make this simple recommendations I have included here and I feel certain would last a lifetime. The aftermarket parts to sell then would be very minimal which is what they offer now anyway and then we would have a perfect unit. The accessories would always make wonderful high-end profit margin for the company that builds their name and reputation for having the finest quality unit in the business, and I am confident they will be again if they take my recommendations and make the Sonic vaporizer the best of that it truly can be.

In the above process it would also be recommended to further study and review the latest in Battery Technology as that may give this unit the ability to have even quicker heating time as well as a much longer lasting battery and they still Mabel to maintain the exact same size they have today or perhaps possibly even shrink the unit down to an even smaller size in short order as the battery Technology is changing daily.

When it comes to quality products on the market and you're looking at Electronics I asked you if Money Was No Object would you rather own an Apple or a Nokia? And if money were No Object, would you rather on an apple or a Nokia?

Sonic Sonic in its present form is not the apple of the marketplace today comma but they easily could be with a high impact-resistant high temperature withstanding plastic nylon resin body.

I hope that they will send me a nice new unit when they receive this letter Kama as well as promised me to send me a new one when they take my ideas and use them in the manufacturing process.

Overall I have enjoyed this model extremely well and that is why I have given that such a high rating. Honestly if they take my recommendations to heart and follow through I would never look for another one of the marketplace as this has given me every single feature that I need. I think these are wonderful units and I don't think you will be disappointed with one as long as you treat it like you are walking around in a china shop with a $10,000 piece of crystal. Otherwise steer clear from this purchase.

As far as doing as advertised Kama it hands down delivers and performs absolutely perfectly.

Overall this is a fantastic unit that delivers for the short term.