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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Telomere Shortening Causation Speculation

Perhaps telomeres shorten as a result of our exposure to radiation. That which giveth, taketh away too !

The action and the equal and opposite reaction.

I've been thinking and reading a lot and it could make sense.

Also, for the first time in life suddenly I am vitamin D insufficient, and so it begins.

I have less of the Vitamin D whose source is the sun. My cells at 48 years of age changing, seemingly suddenly, and why?

Not a lack of the sun really, just natural exposure to it. So let's find the DNA (specific genetic sequences)  responsible for VitD uptake. Let's start comparing subjects once the gene set(s) are identified.

Then let's test VitD uptake in a certain age range as well as telomere size.

It may be that it's not even in the gene set(s) but rather that the body simply has a nuclear clock. In conjunction with this clock, our body decays like radiation, that which gives us life.

What do you think?