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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Aleve Commercial is Despicable

Trading Tylenol for Aleve in a commercial?... Really ? We have truly stooped super low if we have to use this in advertising / marketing campaigns and strategies. I find this disgusting !

We have to use this strategy where we make it look like a drug deal with these legal drugs???

I do not find this comical at all even though they are trying and I also find it weak in the artistic division too, actually when you look at the many various facets of advertising and marketing I think this advertising here may be one of the worst advertisements I have ever seen.

It is amazing how stupid the general populace must be if big data starts to make ads like this now.

We have to challenge our youth and our population to make progress moving forward and really an ad like this dos no earthly good and the true power it has is that the message is do anything to take this and this is the best for your problems ! That is not a healthy message. A healthy message states things about diet and exercise and the effects of aging and injury, etc. and how at times we have to choose treatment that is chemical in nature and that when we do so we should keep in mind to only use the medication to treat the symptoms until healed.