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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Heres and Theres Dichotomy Bitchez

I was born down here
This is my life down here
Same shit happens down here
We feel the same down here
You can't write up there
You can't jive up there
Y'all punks up there
Fuck you up up there
You can thrive down here
Hard to just stay alive down here
It's def not fly down here
I'll take you down round here
You make decisions for us up there
Bout to take you out because you don't care up there
I'm not joking I've run those Streets all my life up there
Can you feel the beat winding up y'all deaf up there
Why do we live in a world where your in a pack of dogs, fighting to stay alive, killing to fuckibng survive, no time for tears to fill the eyes, got to be clear draw slow can't see then die.
We live in reality down here,
Something leftover you gave us right here,
We do it all for you who don't care bout us down here
Ima tear you up when I get the chance come round down here
Y'all niggaz be high up there
I'll be showing up on ya at night up there
I'm not coming for a fight up there
Y'all niggaz already dead to me up there
Can't live on $10 an hour niggaz down here
Why you all playing wiff us like DAT down here
Distracted always with children and my wife all trying to make it down here
I'm a general of many families trying to keep us all out of lines down here
Don't act like you care up there
I can see through any act up there
Y'all punk ass rich bitches  blind up there
I'm behind you already quiet with my knife every second of your numbered days up there
Make it last cause it's all almost over in another second up there
Ima master of this world all around me here
Ima come on up and take over with ruthless smiles from down here
Ima rake over the city the county's the country from down here
I'm called the majority and I'm not alone and we all come from down here